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1990Card, Pro SetAlanVeingrad Green Bay Packers Stats
2017Card, OpticJoeWilliams San Francisco 49ers158  
2002Card, InkworksEricEtebari Actor Info
2008Card, SAGE HitJabariArthur Akron Zips Info
2015Card, CustomJoshMcNeil Akron Zips Info
2014Card, CustomSe'VonPittman Akron Zips Info
1994Card, Signature RookiesFredLester Alabama A&M BulldogsBonus 9 Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesJosephPatton Alabama A&M BulldogsBonus 10 Stats
2006Card, Press PassDarrellHackney Alabama Birmingham Blazers Stats
2010Card, SP AuthenticJoeWebb Alabama Birmingham Blazers157 Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicRoddyWhite Alabama Birmingham Blazers11 Stats
2015Card, CustomDakotaBall Alabama Crimson Tide Info
1995Card, Signature RookiesJayBarker Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2000Card, Autographics RetroMarkBarron Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2015Card, CustomCooperBateman Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2006Card, Press PassBrodieCoyle Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2006Card, AspireBrodieCroyle Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
1989Card, CokeKeeryGoode Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2012Card, Home MadeBrandonGreene Alabama Crimson Tide Info
1994Card, Signature RookiesLemanskiHall Alabama Crimson TideEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2000Card, Autographics RetroJohnHannah (HOF) Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
1999Card, Autographics RetroJohnHannah (HOF) Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2009Card, MagnetMarkIngram (Heisman) Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2010Card, AlabamaMarkIngram (Heisman) Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2010Card, SP AuthenticKareemJackson Alabama Crimson Tide144 Stats
1989Card, CollegiateLee~RoyJordan Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2010Card, Custom MagicLee~RoyJordan (CHOF) Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2013Card, CustomKorrenKirven Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2014Card, HomemadeCyrusKouandjio Alabama Crimson TideIP Walter Camp 2014 Info
1994Card, Signature RookiesAntonioLangham Alabama Crimson Tide30 Stats
2012Card, CustomDillonLee Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2012Card, ShowcaseMarquisMaze Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2010Card, SP AuthenticRolandoMcClain Alabama Crimson Tide120 Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesByronMorris "Bam" Alabama Crimson Tide38 Stats
2013Card, CustomC.J.Mosley Alabama Crimson TideEXTRA FOR TRADEInfo
2005Card, Topps All AmericanJohnnyMusso Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2010Card, Custom MagicJohnnyMusso Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2005Card, Topps All AmericanOzzieNewsome (HOF) Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesJeremyNunley Alabama Crimson TideEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2006Card, Press PassDeMecoRyans Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2000Card, SAGEChrisSamuels Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
2012Card, CustomBradleySylve Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2012Card, CustomAlteeTenpenny Alabama Crimson Tide Info
2015Card, Contenders DraftDeAndrewWhite Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
1995Card, Signature Rookies 8x10ShermanWilliams Alabama Crimson Tide Stats
1995Card, Signature Rookies 8x10ShermanWilliams Alabama Crimson TideEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2009Card, Topps MagicJohn~ParkerWilson Alabama Crimson Tide84 Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicTavarisJackson Alabama State Hornets13 Stats
2006Card, Press PassTavarisJackson Alabama State Hornets Stats
1995Card, Pro LineSteveMcNair Alcorn State Braves Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesJohnThierry Alcorn State Braves54 Stats
2010Card, SP AuthenticArmantiEdwards Appalachian State Mountaineers115 Stats
2000Card, Autographics RetroBrianQuick Appalachian State Mountaineers Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DamienAnderson Arizona Cardinals Stats
2010Card, Topps MagicDerekAnderson Arizona Cardinals Stats
2013Card, Home MadeBruceArians (Coach) Arizona Cardinals Info
1990Card, ScoreRobertAwalt Arizona Cardinals Stats
2017Card, OpticBuddaBaker Arizona Cardinals149 Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureMarioBates Arizona Cardinals Stats
2005Card, Topps TotalBertrandBerry Arizona Cardinals Stats
2005Card, Topps HeritageDarrylBlackstock Arizona Cardinals Stats
2000Card, AutographicsDavidBoston Arizona Cardinals Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticAlanBranch Arizona Cardinals232 Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticSteveBreaston Arizona Cardinals247 Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticCodyBrown Arizona Cardinals307 Stats
2014Card, PlatinumJohnBrown Arizona Cardinals70 Stats
2014Card, ContendersJohnBrown Arizona Cardinals143 Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)WendellBryant Arizona Cardinals Stats
2014Card, PlatinumDeoneBucannon Arizona Cardinals27 Stats
2014Card, ContendersDeoneBucannon Arizona Cardinals124 Stats
1990Card, Pro SetRichCamarillo Arizona CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2008Card, SP AuthenticCalaisCampbell Arizona Cardinals209 Stats
1995Card, UltraStonyCase Arizona Cardinals Stats
2014Card, ContendersChandlerCatanzaro Arizona Cardinals243 Stats
1993Card, GamedayChuckCecil Arizona Cardinals Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10LarryCenters Arizona Cardinals Stats
2015Card, ContendersGeraldChristian Arizona Cardinals140 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticEarlyDoucet Arizona Cardinals238 Stats
2013Card, Topps PlatinumAndreEllington Arizona CardinalsA-AE Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10BoomerEsiason Arizona Cardinals Stats
2012Card, ContendersJamellFleming Arizona Cardinals142 Stats
2012Card, ContendersMichaelFloyd Arizona Cardinals208 Stats
1998Card, ToppsChrisGedney Arizona Cardinals Stats
2015Card, ContendersMarkusGolden Arizona Cardinals124 Stats
1997Card, Stadium ClubKentGraham Arizona Cardinals Stats
1990Card, ScoreRoyGreen Arizona Cardinals Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAliHighsmith Arizona Cardinals254 Stats
2011Card, ContendersRobertHousler Arizona Cardinals170 Stats
2006Card, Topps TotalOrlandoHuff Arizona Cardinals Stats
1997Card, ScoreboardKevinJackson Arizona Cardinals Stats
2001Card, ToppsMarTayJenkins Arizona Cardinals Stats
2006Card, Topps Print PlateBrandonJohnson Arizona Cardinals Stats
1991Card, Upper DeckJohnnyJohnson Arizona Cardinals Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticRashadJohnson Arizona Cardinals316 Stats
2000Card, AutographicsThomasJones Arizona Cardinals Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticDennisKeyes Arizona Cardinals279 Stats
2000Card, Upper DeckKwamieLassiter Arizona Cardinals Stats
2006Card, Flair Showcase (RC)GregLee Arizona CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2012Card, ContendersRyanLindley Arizona Cardinals182 Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)JasonMcAddley Arizona Cardinals Stats
2005Card, Contenders (RC)LeronMcCoy Arizona Cardinals Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10LeelandMcElroy Arizona Cardinals Stats
2001Card, ToppsDennisMcKinley Arizona Cardinals Stats
2002Card, ToppsRonaldMcKinnon Arizona Cardinals Stats
1994Card, GamedayJamirMiller Arizona Cardinals Stats
1997Card, SkyboxRobMoore Arizona Cardinals Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAnthonyMorelli Arizona Cardinalssp-am Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAnthonyMorelli Arizona Cardinals203 Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureAdrianMurrell Arizona Cardinals Stats
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)JohnNavarre Arizona Cardinals164 Stats
2015Card, ContendersJ.J.Nelson Arizona Cardinals143 Stats
2001Card, PacificBobbyNewcombe Arizona Cardinals Stats
2014Card, PlatinumTroyNiklas Arizona Cardinals69 Stats
2007Card, Topps TotalBenPatrick (RC) Arizona Cardinals Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10JakePlummer Arizona Cardinals Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureJakePlummer Arizona Cardinals Stats
2000Card, AutographicsJakePlummer Arizona Cardinals Stats
2017Card, OpticHaasonReddick Arizona Cardinals146 Stats
1992Card, GamedayWalterReeves Arizona Cardinals 34 Stats
2013Card, Topps PlatinumAndreRoberts Arizona CardinalsAVP-AR Stats
2012Card, ContendersGerellRobinson Arizona Cardinals139 Stats
2008Card, ScoreDominiqueRodgers~Cromartie Arizona Cardinals Stats
2005Card, Upper DeckAntrelRolle Arizona Cardinals Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10FrankSanders Arizona Cardinals Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)JoshScobey Arizona Cardinals Stats
2011Card, ContendersAnthonySherman Arizona Cardinals112 Stats
2015Card, ContendersJaxonShipley Arizona Cardinals258 Stats
2013Card, PlatinumStepfanTaylor Arizona CardinalsA-ST Stats
2013Card, PlatinumStepfanTaylor Arizona CardinalsARP-ST Stats
2014Card, PlatinumLoganThomas Arizona Cardinals38 Stats
2014Card, ContendersLoganThomas Arizona Cardinals225 Stats
1999Card, Stadium ClubAndreWadsworth Arizona CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1999Card, UltraAndreWadsworth Arizona Cardinals Stats
2013Card, Home MadeEarlWatford Arizona Cardinals Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticChrisWells Arizona Cardinals377 Stats
1998Card, ScoreAeneasWilliams Arizona Cardinals Stats
2017Card, OpticChadWilliams Arizona Cardinals114 Stats
2011Card, TreasuresRyanWilliams Arizona Cardinals205 Stats
2011Card, ContendersRyanWilliams Arizona Cardinals209 Stats
2010Card, DonrussStephenWilliams Arizona Cardinals Stats
1992Card, Pro Set PowerJoeWolf Arizona Cardinals Stats
1990Card, ScoreRonWolfley Arizona Cardinals  Stats
2005Card, AFLHunkieCooper Arizona Rattlers Info
1994Card, Signature RookiesShanteCarver Arizona State Sun DevilsBonus C4 Stats
2006Card, Press PassDerekHagan Arizona State Sun Devils Stats
2001Card, SAGEToddHeap Arizona State Sun Devils Stats
2015Card, CustomRyanJenkins Arizona State Sun Devils Info
2010Card, Press PassChrisMcGaha Arizona State Sun Devils Info
2009Card, Topps MagicZachMiller Arizona State Sun Devils10 Stats
2000Card, Autographics RetroJakePlummer Arizona State Sun Devils Stats
2000Card, SAGEJ.R.Redmond Arizona State Sun DevilsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2012Card, CustomRichardSmith Arizona State Sun Devils Info
2009Card, Topps MagicRyanTorain Arizona State Sun Devils11 Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesBrantBoyer Arizona WildcatsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2014Card, CustomConnorBrewer Arizona Wildcats Info
2013Card, CustomKa'DeemCarey Arizona WildcatsEXTRA FOR TRADEInfo
2005Card, Topps All AmericanChuckCecil Arizona Wildcats Stats
2012Card, Fleer AutographicsNickFoles Arizona WildcatsAU-NF Stats
2010Card, SP AuthenticRobGronkowski Arizona Wildcats128 Stats
2014Card, CustomCaylebJones Arizona Wildcats Info
2002Card, Press PassLeviJones Arizona Wildcats Stats
2015Card, Leaf DraftLorenzoMauldin Arizona Wildcats Stats
2015Card, CustomDavonteNeal Arizona Wildcats Info
2000Card, AutographicsDennisNorthcutt Arizona Wildcats Stats
2000Card, Press PassMarvelSmith Arizona Wildcats Stats
1994Card, Signature Rookies TetradRobWaldrop Arizona Wildcats28 Stats
2009Card, Upper Deck DraftJonathanLuigs Arkansas Razorbacks Stats
2011Card, CustomTevinMitchel Arkansas Razorbacks Info
2013Card, CustomDenverKirkland Arkansas Razorworks Info
2008Card, SAGE HitTyrellJohnson Arkansas State Red Wolves Stats
1991Card, HeismanDocBlanchard (Heisman) Army Black Knights Stats
2010Card, Custom MagicArnoldTucker (CHOF) Army Black KnightsEXTRA FOR TRADEInfo
2007Card, SP AuthenticJamaalAnderson Atlanta Falcons221 Stats
2007Card, Rookie and StarsJamaalAnderson Atlanta Falcons Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10JamalAnderson Atlanta Falcons Stats
2000Card, AutographicsJamalAnderson Atlanta Falcons Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticSamBaker Atlanta Falcons218 Stats
1990Card, Pro SetOliverBarnett Atlanta Falcons Stats
2004Card, UD LegendsSteveBartkowski Atlanta Falcons Stats
1978Card, ToppsSteveBartkowski Atlanta Falcons196 Stats
2005Card, Rookies & StarsJordanBeck Atlanta Falcons Stats
1973Card, ToppsBillBell Atlanta Falcons Stats
1970Card, ToppsBobBerry Atlanta Falcons Stats
1997Card, Bowman BestMichaelBooker Atlanta Falcons Stats
2004Card, ToppsKeithBrooking Atlanta Falcons Stats
1992Card, GameDaySteveBroussard Atlanta Falcons138 Stats
1974Card, ToppsRayBrown Atlanta Falcons Stats
1992Card, ToppsRickBryan Atlanta FalconsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1989Card, Pro SetRickBryan Atlanta Falcons Stats
1991Card, PacificRickBryan Atlanta FalconsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1969Card, ToppsJimBurson Atlanta Falcons Stats
1990Card, ScoreBobbyButler Atlanta Falcons421 Stats
1991Card, PacificScottCase Atlanta Falcons Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureChrisChandler Atlanta Falcons Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureBobChristian Atlanta Falcons Stats
2005Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DeAndraCobb Atlanta Falcons Stats
2015Card, ContendersJalenCollins Atlanta FalconsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1992Card, GameDayDarionConner Atlanta FalconsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1990Card, Pro SetDarionConnor Atlanta FalconsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1990Card, ScoreDarionConnor Atlanta Falcons Stats

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