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Welcome to my web site. Its just a place for me to put information on all the things I enjoy. The am a giant fan of football. I watched since I was a liitle boy and then played it in school and then coached it at the High School level. The grew into a desire to collect football related items. It all started with 2 simple things, I picked up a pack of 1989 Pro Set football cards and my wife gave me a Dan Marino Signed Miami Dolphin helmet for our anniversary.  Needless to say, I may have gone a bit overboard since then.

I've always loved to draw and have been at it for a very long time, once again you will see a theme in my art - once again football.  I've been wanting to start drawing again so if you ever want something done please hit my contact page up and email me.  One day my son came to me and had seen a 1957 Chevy on Craigslist, he brought it to my attention because I have always had an infatuation with tri-Five Chevys.  We took a ride with him and the gentleman had two for sale.  An original 1957 Chevy 150 model and a modified gasser 1957 Chevy 210 model that needed a ton of work.  I figured, what the heck and decided to buy them both.  So the card collection went up for sale and shortly later we had to 1957 Chevys, a driver and a project. Now we can take the Chevy for a ride with my family on a nice day, couldn't take them through a nice stroll through binders of cards.

So here we sit, on a website where I've decided to bring it all together in one place. I enjoy coding and love the usefulness of data. At one point I did developement of web pages and applications for a living and now do it for fun. So stick around, look around and enjoy!

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