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My Autograph Card Collection (7630 and growing)
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1963Card, ToppsTedConnolly San Francisco 49ers Stats
1963Card, AutoGeorgeGross San Diego Chargers Stats
1963Card, ToppsBillKoman St Louis Cardinals Stats
1963Card, ToppsDanLewis Detroit Lions Stats
1963Card, Fleer (RC)CurtisMcClinton Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1963Card, ToppsJoeSchmidt (HOF) Detroit LionsHOF Stats
1963Card, FleerTomSestak Buffalo Bills Stats
1963Card, FleerBobTalamini Houston Oilers Stats
1964Card, Philadelphia (RC)HerbAdderly Green Bay PackersHOF 1980 Stats
1964Card, ToppsTonyBanfield Houston Oilers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaTerryBarr Detroit Lions Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaRaymondBerry Baltimore ColtsHOF 1973 Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaFrankClarke Dallas Cowboys Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaCarrollDale Los Angeles Rams Stats
1964Card, Philadelphia (RC)WillieDavis (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaBobDeMarco St Louis Cardinals Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaDarrellDess New York Giants Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaRomanGabriel Los Angeles Rams Stats
1964Card, ToppsLarryGarron Boston Patriots Stats
1964Card, ToppsFreddyGlick Houston Oilers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaKenGray St Louis Cardinals Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaForrestGregg (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaKingHill Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaPaulHornung (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaSamHuff New York GiantsHOF 1982 Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaJohn~HenryJohnson (HOF) Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaSonnyJurgensen (HOF) Washington Redskins Stats
1964Card, ToppsJackKlotz New York Jets Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaYaleLary (HOF) Detroit Lions Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaDickLynch (D) New York Giants Stats
1964Card, Philadelphia (RC)JohnMackey (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaTommyMason Minnesota Vikings Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaMarlinMcKeever Los Angles Rams Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaErnieMcMillan St Louis Cardinals Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaDonMeredith Dallas Cowboys Stats
1964Card, ToppsRichMichael Houston Oilers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaHowardMudd San Francisco 49ers Stats
1964Card, Philadelphia (RC)MerlinOlsen (HOF) Los Angeles Rams Stats
1964Card, ToppsLarryOnesti Houston Oilers Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaLukeOwens St Louis Cardinals Stats
1964Card, ToppsHerbPaterra Buffalo Bills Stats
1964Card, ToppsGeorgeSeals Washington Redskins Stats
1964Card, PhiladelphiaJimTaylor (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaGradyAlderman Minnesota Vikings Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJonArnett Chicago Bears Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJimBakken St Louis Cardinals Stats
1965Card, ToppsPeteBeathard Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaCharleyBradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1965Card, ToppsChrisBurford Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaBillButler Minnesota Vikings Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaBobby~JoeConrad Chicago Cardinals Stats
1965Card, ToppsJerryCornelison Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaWillieDavis (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaMikeDitka (HOF) Chicago Bears Stats
1965Card, ToppsElbertDubenion Buffalo Bills Stats
1965Card, Philadelphia (RC)CarlEller (HOF) Minnesota VikingsHOF 04 Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJoeFortunato Chicago Bears Stats
1965Card, ToppsJonGilliam Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, ToppsJonGilliam Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaBillGlass Cleveland Browns Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaErnieGreen Cleveland Browns Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaEarlGros Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaWendellHarris Baltimore Colts Stats
1965Card, ToppsDaveHill Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, ToppsE.J.Holub Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJimHouston Cleveland Browns Stats
1965Card, ToppsBobbyHunt Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, ToppsRayJacobs Denver Broncos Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaCharleyJohnson St Louis Cardinals Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaGaryLarsen New York Giants Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaTonyLiscio Dallas Cowboys Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaDaveLloyd Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1965Card, ToppsRolandMcDole Buffalo Bills Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaDaleMeinert St Louis Cardinals Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJoeMorrison New York Giants Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaDonPerkins Dallas Cowboys Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaVincePromuto Washington Redskins Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaSonnyRandle St Louis Cardinals Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJerryRichardson Atlanta Falcons Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJimRidlon Dallas Cowboys Stats
1965Card, ToppsJohnnyRobinson Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaLouSlaby New York GiantsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaPatStudstill Detroit Lions Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaSteveThurlow New York Giants Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaBobVogel Baltimore Colts Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaBobWetoska Chicago Bears Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaHerbAdderley Green Bay PackersHOF 1980 Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaHerbAdderley Green Bay PackersHOF 1980 Stats
1966Card, PersonalBillAsbury Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaMaxieBaughan Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaMaxieBaughan Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaLarryBenz Atlanta Falcons Stats
1966Card, ToppsDannyBrabham Houston Oilers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJimBradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRogerBrown Detroit Lions Stats
1966Card, Philadelphia (RC)DickButkus (HOF) Chicago BearsHOF Stats
1966Card, ToppsButchByrd Buffalo Bills Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaHenryCarr New York Giants Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaClarenceChilds New York Giants Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaMikeConnelly Dallas Cowboys Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaFredCox Minnesota Vikings Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaWillisCrenshaw St Louis Cardinals Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaWillisCrenshaw St Louis Cardinals Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaWillisCrenshaw St Louis Cardinals Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaIrvCross Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaDaveCrossan Washington Redskins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaLeonDonohue Dallas Cowboys Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaBoydDowler Green Bay Packers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRossFichtner Cleveland Browns Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRossFichtner Cleveland Browns Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaPaulFlatley Minnesota Vikings Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaPaulFlatley Minnesota Vikings Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaTuckerFrederickson New York Giants Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRomanGabriel Los Angeles Rams Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaEarlGros Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRickieHarris Washington Redskins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJerryHillebrand New York Giants Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaDickHoak Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1966Card, ToppsJerryHopkins Denver Broncos Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRoyJefferson Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaCharleyJohnson St Louis CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaDeaconJones (HOF) Los Angeles RamsHOF Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaPaulKrause (HOF) Washington Redskins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaFrankLambert Pittsburg Steelers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaFrankLambert Pittsburg Steelers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRogerLeClerc Chicago Bears Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaBobLilly (HOF) Dallas CowboysHOF Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJerryLogan Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaTonyLorick Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaDickLynch New York Giants Stats
1966Card, ToppsJohnMcCormick Denver Broncos Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaEdMeador Los Angeles Rams Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaChuckMercein New York Giants Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaChuckMercein New York Giants Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaLennyMoore Baltimore ColtsHOF 1975 Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaLennyMoore Baltimore ColtsHOF 1975 Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaTomMoore Green Bay Packers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaLennyMoore (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaEarlMorrall Detroit Lions Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJohnMorrow Cleveland Browns Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJimmyOrr Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJimmyOrr Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, ToppsArtPowell Oakland Raiders Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaWalterRoberts Cleveland Browns Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJoeRutgens Washington Redskins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJohnSample Washington Redskins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaSamSilas St Louis Cardinals Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaBobbySmith Detroit Lions Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaRonSmith Atlanta Falcons Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaClendonThomas Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaMickTingelhoff Minnesota VikingsHOF 2015 Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJerryTubbs Dallas Cowboys Stats
1966Card, AutoHowardTwilley Miami Dolphins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaFrankVarrichione Los Angeles Rams Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaWayneWalker Detroit Lions Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaTomWatkins Detroit Lions Stats
1966Card, ToppsDonWebb Boston Patriots Stats
1966Card, ToppsWillieWest Miami Dolphins Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaPaulWiggin Cleveland Browns Stats
1967Card, ToppsJohnBramlett Denver Broncos Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaRudyBukich Chicago Bears Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaRonnieBull Chicago Bears Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaClarenceChilds New York Giants Stats
1967Card, ToppsBertCoan Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaMikeDitka (HOF) Chicago Bears Stats
1967Card, ToppsJimDunaway Buffalo Bills Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaCharlieGogolak Washington Redskins Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaDickGordon Chicago Bears Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaDaleHackbart Minnesota Vikings Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaAlexHawkins Atlanta Falcons Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaAlvinHaymond Baltimore Colts Stats
1967Card, PersonalRoyJefferson Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaLee~RoyJordan Dallas Cowboys Stats
1967Card, Philadelphia (RC)LeroyKelly (HOF) Cleveland Browns Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaBradyKeys Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1967Card, ToppsHowardKindig San Diego Chargers Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaLouKirouac Atlanta Falcons Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaTomLandry (HOF) Dallas Cowboys Stats
1967Card, Post CerealYaleLary (HOF) Detroit Lions Stats
1967Card, ToppsJackyLee Houston Oilers Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaAmosMarsh Detroit Lions Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaJimMarshall Minnesota Vikings Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaBillyMartin Atlanta Falcons Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaTomMatte Baltimore Colts Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaRileyMattson New Orleans Saints Stats
1967Card, ToppsKentMcCloughan Oakland Raiders Stats
1967Card, CustomChuckMercein Green Bay Packers Stats
1967Card, CustomChuckMercein Green Bay Packers Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaDonMeredith Dallas Cowboys Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaBobbyMitchell (HOF) Washington RedskinsHOF Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaJohnMorrow New Orleans Saints Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaTommyNobis Atlanta Falcons Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaTomNowatzke Detroit Lions Stats
1967Card, ToppsDonOakes Boston Patriots Stats
1967Card, ToppsBabeParilli Boston Patriots Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaRichiePetitbon Chicago Bears Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaMikePyle Chicago Bears Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaDickSchafrath Cleveland Browns Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaBobScholtz New Orleans Saints Stats

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