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My Autograph Card Collection (7151 and growing)
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1978Card, ToppsToniLinhart Baltimore Colts355 Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJerryLogan Baltimore Colts Stats
1971Card, ToppsJerryLogan Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaTonyLorick Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsDerrelLuce Baltimore Colts418 Stats
1969Card, ToppsLennyLyles Baltimore Colts Stats
1999Card, SIJohnMackey (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1964Card, Philadelphia (RC)JohnMackey (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1959Card, ToppsGinoMarchetti (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
2011Card, Hall of FameGinoMarchetti (HOF) Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1989Card, SwellGinoMarchetti (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaTomMatte Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, ToppsTomMatte Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsDonMcCauley Baltimore Colts478 Stats
1985Card, ToppsRandyMcMillan Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1983Card, ToppsRandyMcMillan Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1978Card, ToppsKenMendenhall Baltimore Colts241 Stats
1978Card, ToppsLydellMitchell Baltimore Colts150 Stats
1999Card, SILennyMoore (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaLennyMoore (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsNelsonMunsey Baltimore Colts299 Stats
1961Card, ToppsJimMutscheller Baltimore Colts Stats
1959Card, ToppsAndyNelson Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1959Card, ToppsAndyNelson Baltimore Colts Stats
1962Card, ToppsAndyNelson Baltimore Colts Stats
1973Card, ToppsJimO'Brien Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJimmyOrr Baltimore Colts Stats
1966Card, PhiladelphiaJimmyOrr Baltimore Colts Stats
1983Card, ToppsMikePagel Baltimore Colts Stats
1989Card, SwellJimParker (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsRobertPratt Baltimore Colts109 Stats
1973Card, ToppsGlennRessler Baltimore Colts Stats
1970Card, ToppsWillieRichardson Baltimore Colts Stats
1974Card, ToppsJoeSchmiesing Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsEdSimonini Baltimore Colts325 Stats
1974Card, ToppsCottonSpeyrer Baltimore Colts Stats
1977Card, ToppsHowardStevens Baltimore Colts Stats
1953Card, BowmanBillyStone (D) Baltimore Colts Stats
1955Card, BowmanGeorgeTaliaferro Baltimore Colts Stats
1957Card, ToppsCarlTaseff Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsDavidTaylor Baltimore Colts261 Stats
1978Card, ToppsNormThompson Baltimore Colts 29 Stats
1969Card, 3DJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, ToppsJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1970Card, ToppsJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaBobVogel Baltimore Colts Stats
1975Card, ToppsRickVolk Baltimore Colts Stats
1978Card, ToppsStanWhite Baltimore Colts 49 Stats
1983Card, ToppsLeoWisniewski Baltimore Colts Stats
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DerekAbney Baltimore Ravens178 Info
2015Card, ContendersKamarAiken Baltimore Ravens287 Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10DerrickAlexander Baltimore Ravens Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesDerrickAlexander Baltimore RavensStats
2011Card, TreasuresAnthonyAllen Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, ContendersAnthonyAllen Baltimore Ravens110 Stats
2015Card, ContendersBuckAllen Baltimore Ravens206 Stats
2005Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DerekAnderson Baltimore Ravens Stats
2001Card, PacificObafemiAyanbadejo Baltimore Ravens Stats
2005Card, ToppsKhalifBarnes Baltimore Ravens Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)KyleBoller Baltimore Ravens Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10PeterBoulware Baltimore Ravens Stats
2000Card, AutographicsPeterBoulware Baltimore Ravens Stats
2015Card, ContendersNickBoyle Baltimore Ravens183 Stats
2011Card, CustomEthanBrooks Baltimore Ravens Stats
2013Card, Topps PlatinumArthurBrown Baltimore RavensA-AB Stats
2007Card, ToppsPrescottBurgess Baltimore Ravens Stats
2014Card, Rookies and StarsMichaelCampanaro Baltimore Ravens Stats
2016Card, Clear VisionKamaleiCorrea Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, ScoreBillyCundiff Baltimore Ravens Stats
2006Card, TotalP.J.Daniels Baltimore Ravens Stats
2004Card, UD FoundationsDevardDarling Baltimore Ravens Stats
2015Card, ContendersCarlDavis Baltimore Ravens133 Stats
2016Card, OpticKennethDixon Baltimore Ravens180 Stats
2011Card, ContendersTandonDoss Baltimore Ravens182 Stats
2011Card, TreasuresTandonDoss Baltimore Ravens215 Stats
2004Card, Topps Draft PicksDwanEdwards Baltimore Ravens Stats
2009Card, UD DraftDannellEllerbe Baltimore Ravens Stats
2000Card, UltraCharlesEvans Baltimore Ravens Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticYamonFigurs Baltimore Ravens214 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticJoeFlacco Baltimore Ravens295 Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10JasonGarrett Baltimore Ravens Stats
2014Card, SelectCrockettGillmore Baltimore Ravens Stats
2014Card, ContendersCrockettGillmore Baltimore Ravens116 Stats
1997Card, PacificTimGoad Baltimore Ravens Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10JayGraham Baltimore Ravens Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticBenGrubbs Baltimore Ravens Stats
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)JoshHarris Baltimore Ravens136 Stats
2003Card, FleerToddHeap Baltimore Ravens Stats
2000Card, AutographicsPriestHolmes Baltimore Ravens Stats
1999Card, SP SignaturePriestHolmes Baltimore Ravens Stats
2017Card, OpticMarlonHumphrey Baltimore Ravens128 Stats
2018Card, PaniniJamesHurst Baltimore Ravens Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureMichaelJackson Baltimore Ravens Stats
1997Card, VisionsDeRonJenkins Baltimore Ravens Stats
2014Card, ContendersTimmyJernigan Baltimore Ravens180 Stats
2014Card, CustomTimJohnson Baltimore Ravens Stats
2013Card, Home MadeKyleJuszczyk Baltimore Ravens Stats
2016Card, Crowne RoyalBronsonKaufusi Baltimore Ravens Stats
2016Card, OpticBronsonKaufusi Baltimore Ravens106 Stats
1997Card, PacificBrianKinchen Baltimore Ravens Stats
2010Card, PaniniSergioKindle Baltimore Ravens Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticPaulKruger Baltimore Ravens Stats
1997Card, Collectors ChoiceJermaineLewis Baltimore Ravens Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureRayLewis Baltimore Ravens Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticLe'RonMcClain Baltimore Ravens247 Stats
1997Card, Score BoardTyrusMcCloud Baltimore Ravens Stats
1997Card, ToppsMichaelMcCrary Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, Rookie & StarsPernellMcPhee Baltimore Ravens Stats
2013Card, ScoreAaronMellette Baltimore Ravens Stats
2016Card, OpticChrisMoore Baltimore Ravens157 Stats
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)ClarenceMoore Baltimore Ravens148 Stats
2004Card, Topps TotalClarenceMoore Baltimore Ravens Stats
1998Card, ToppsByronMorris Baltimore Ravens Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)OvieMughelli Baltimore Ravens Stats
1996Card, ScoreboardJonathanOgden (HOF) Baltimore Ravens Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticMichaelOher Baltimore Ravens365 Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)WesPate Baltimore Ravens Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAllenPatrick Baltimore RavensEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2009Card, SP AuthenticCedricPeerman Baltimore Ravens335 Stats
2015Card, ContendersBreshadPerriman Baltimore Ravens203 Stats
2002Card, ToppsDennisPitta Baltimore Ravens Stats
2007Card, Topps TotalRonniePrude Baltimore Ravens Stats
2012Card, ContendersBobbyRainey Baltimore Ravens106 Stats
2000Card, AutographicsChrisRedman Baltimore RavensEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)TellisRedmon Baltimore Ravens Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)EdReed Baltimore Ravens Stats
2016Card, OpticKeenanReynolds Baltimore Ravens179 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticRayRice Baltimore Ravens285 Stats
2009Card, ScoreRayRice Baltimore Ravens Stats
2010Card, CustomPatrickScales Baltimore Ravens Stats
2000Card, AutographicsShannonSharpe (HOF) Baltimore Ravens Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureTonySiragusa Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, TreasuresJimmySmith Baltimore Ravens Stats
2003Card, BowmanMusaSmith Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, ContendersTorreySmith Baltimore Ravens230 Stats
2011Card, TreasuresTorreySmith Baltimore Ravens217 Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)TrentSmith Baltimore Ravens Stats
2007Card, Topps TXTroySmith (Heisman) Baltimore Ravens Stats
2016Card, EliteRonnieStanley Baltimore Ravens Stats
1998Card, TraditionDuaneStarks Baltimore Ravens Stats
2001Card, ToppsBrandonStokley Baltimore Ravens Stats
2008Card, CustomDarenStone Baltimore Ravens Stats
2012Card, BowmanTommyStreeter Baltimore Ravens Stats
2005Card, Topps TotalTerrellSuggs Baltimore Ravens Stats
2006Card, BowmanQuinnSypniewski Baltimore Ravens Stats
2014Card, ContendersLorenzoTaliaferro Baltimore Ravens154 Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)ChesterTaylor Baltimore Ravens Stats
2005Card, Topps TotalChesterTaylor Baltimore RavensEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2000Card, UD SPTravisTaylor Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, TreasuresTyrodTaylor Baltimore Ravens219 Stats
2011Card, ContendersTyrodTaylor Baltimore Ravens184 Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10VinnyTestaverde (Heisman) Baltimore Ravens Stats
2000Card, Quantum LeafAdaliusThomas Baltimore Ravens Stats
1999Card, PacificBennieThompson Baltimore Ravens Stats
2012Card, ContendersDeonteThompson Baltimore Ravens236 Stats
2012Card, ContendersJustinTucker Baltimore Ravens237 Stats
2012Card, ContendersCourtneyUpshaw Baltimore Ravens120 Stats
2012Card, PrestigeCourtneyUpshaw Baltimore RavensEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2015Card, ContendersDarrenWaller Baltimore Ravens146 Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticLardariusWebb Baltimore Ravens Stats
2014Card, ContendersKeithWenning Baltimore Ravens147 Stats
2011Card, ContendersLaQuanWilliams Baltimore Ravens152 Stats
2015Card, ContendersMaxxWilliams Baltimore Ravens227 Stats
2017Card, OpticChrisWormley Baltimore Ravens143 Stats
2016Card, Rookie & StarsTavonYoung Baltimore Ravens Stats
2015Card, ContendersTerrenceMagee Baltimore Raves184 Stats
1995Card, Signature Rookies 8x10DarylGardener Baylor Bears Stats
2006Card, CustomJordanLake Baylor Bears Info
2014Card, CustomShawnOakman Baylor Bears Info
2011Card, UD RookiesPhilTaylor Baylor Bears Stats
2000Card, Autographics RetroKendallWright Baylor Bears Stats
2009Card, Upper DeckJasonSmith Baylor Tigers Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicRhettBomar Bearcats245 Stats
2001Card, XFLQuincyJackson Birmingham Thunderbolts Stats
2001Card, Topps XFLCasyWeldon Birmingham Thunderbolts Stats
2009Card, HitJeremyChilds Boise State Broncos Info
2015Card, CustomRaymondFord Boise State Broncos Info
2000Card, Autographics RetroKellenMoore Boise State Broncos Stats
2006Card, Press PassWillBlackmon Boston College Eagles Stats
2008Card, SAGE HitAndreCallender Boston College Eagles Info
2005Card, Playoff HonorsDougFlutie (Heisman) Boston College EaglesHeisman Stats
2000Card, Press PassChrisHovan Boston College Eagles Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicMathiasKiwanuka Boston College Eagles29 Stats
2006Card, Press PassMathiasKiwanuka Boston College Eagles Stats
2009Card, SAGERyanPurvis Boston College Eagles Stats
2000Card, Autographics RetroLukeKuechly Boston College Golden Eagles Stats
1964Card, ToppsLarryGarron Boston Patriots Stats
1969Card, ToppsArtGraham Boston PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1968Card, ToppsArtGraham Boston Patriots Stats
1967Card, ToppsDonOakes Boston Patriots Stats
1967Card, ToppsBabeParilli Boston Patriots Stats
1961Card, ToppsBabeParilli Boston Patriots Stats
1966Card, ToppsDonWebb Boston Patriots Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimWhalen Boston Patriots Stats
1974Card, ImmortalCliffBattles (HOF) Boston Redskins Stats
2006Card, Press PassOmarJacobs Bowling Green Falcons Stats
2018Card, NiemanMuhammadAli Boxing Info
1989Card, CFLMajorHarris British Columbia Lions Stats
1948Card, PersonalTomMikula Brooklyn DodgersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats

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