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My Autograph Card Collection (7151 and growing)
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1969Card, ToppsSonnyBishop Houston Oilers Stats
1969Card, ToppsDonBrumm St. Louis Cardinals Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimBurson Atlanta Falcons Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimCadile Chicago Bears Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimCadile Chicago BearsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1969Card, ToppsDaveCosta Denver Broncos Stats
1969Card, ToppsSteveDeLong San Diego Chargers Stats
1969Card, ToppsAlDenson Denver Broncos Stats
1969Card, ToppsMillerFarr Houston Oilers Stats
1969Card, Photo (cut)DanFouts (HOF) San Diego Chargers Stats
1969Card, ToppsTuckerFrederickson New York Giants Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimGibbons Detroit Lions Stats
1969Card, ToppsPeteGogolak New York Giants Stats
1969Card, ToppsArtGraham Boston PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1969Card, ToppsDanGrimm Atlanta Falcons Stats
1969Card, ToppsAlvinHaymond Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1969Card, ToppsJerryHill Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, ToppsDickHoak Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1969Card, ToppsKenKortas Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1969Card, ToppsErnieKoy New York Giants Stats
1969Card, ToppsDickLeBeau (HOF) Detroit Lions Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimLindsey Minnesota Vikings Stats
1969Card, ToppsLennyLyles Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, ToppsBillyMartin Minnesota Vikings Stats
1969Card, ToppsTomMatte Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, ToppsRonMcDole Buffalo Bills Stats
1969Card, ToppsBillNelsen Cleveland Browns Stats
1969Card, ToppsTommyNobis Atlanta Falcons Stats
1969Card, ToppsKarlNoonan Miami Dolphins Stats
1969Card, ToppsRayOgden Atlanta Falcons Stats
1969Card, ToppsNickRassas Atlanta Falcons Stats
1969Card, ToppsPaulRochester New York Jets Stats
1969Card, ToppsPaulRochester New York Jets Stats
1969Card, ToppsAndyRussell Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1969Card, ToppsFrankRyan Cleveland Browns Stats
1969Card, ToppsJoeScarpati Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1969Card, 3DO.J.Simpson (HOF) Buffalo Bills Stats
1969Card, ToppsO.J.Simpson (HOF) Buffalo Bills Stats
1969Card, ToppsClendonThomas Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1969Card, ToppsJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, 3DJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1969Card, ToppsLonnieWarwick Minnesota Vikings Stats
1969Card, ToppsJimWhalen Boston Patriots Stats
1969Card, ToppsKenWillard San Francisco 49ers Stats
1969Card, ToppsDaveWilliams St Louis Cardinals Stats
1969Card, ToppsRoyWinston Minnesota Vikings Stats
1970Card, ToppsDannyAbramawicz New Orleans SaintsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1970Card, ToppsLanceAlworth (HOF) San Diego Chargers Stats
1970Card, ToppsJimBeirne Houston Oilers Stats
1970Card, ToppsBobBerry Atlanta Falcons Stats
1970Card, ToppsEmersonBoozer New York JetsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1970Card, ToppsKenBowman Green Bay Packers Stats
1970Card, ToppsJohnBrodie San Francisco 49ers Stats
1970Card, ToppsBillBrown "Boom Boom" Minnesota Vikings Stats
1970Card, ToppsGaryCollins Cleveland Browns Stats
1970Card, ToppsDanConners Oakland Raiders Stats
1970Card, ToppsPaulCosta Buffalo Bills Stats
1970Card, ToppsRandyEdmunds Miami Dolphins Stats
1970Card, ToppsMelFarr Detroit Lions Stats
1970Card, ToppsPaulFlatley Atlanta Falcons Stats
1970Card, ToppsGeorgeGoeddeke Denver Broncos Stats
1970Card, ToppsHoyleGranger Houston Oilers Stats
1970Card, ToppsLarryGrantham New York Jets Stats
1970Card, ToppsDaveGrayson Oakland Raiders Stats
1970Card, ToppsEarlGros Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1970Card, ToppsRalphHeck New York Giants Stats
1970Card, O-Pee-CheeGarneyHenley Hamilton Tiger Cats Info
1970Card, ToppsJerryHillebrand Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1970Card, ToppsMikeHowell Cleveland Browns Stats
1970Card, ToppsChuckHowley Dallas Cowboys Stats
1970Card, ToppsJohnHuard Denver Broncos Stats
1970Card, ToppsHarryJacobs Buffalo Bills Stats
1970Card, ToppsLesJosephson Los Angeles Rams Stats
1970Card, ToppsSonnyJurgensen (HOF) Washington Redskins Stats
1970Card, ToppsJoeKapp Minnesota Vikings Stats
1970Card, AutoLarryKrause Green Bay Packers Stats
1970Card, ToppsGregLarsen New York Giants Stats
1970Card, ToppsBobLong Washington Redskins Stats
1970Card, ToppsBobLurtsema New York Giants Stats
1970Card, ToppsBenMcGee Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1970Card, ToppsGeneMingo Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1970Card, ToppsRalphNeely Dallas Cowboys Stats
1970Card, ToppsBillNelson Los Angeles Rams Stats
1970Card, ToppsTomNeville New England Patriots Stats
1970Card, ToppsTommyNobis Atlanta FalconsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1970Card, ToppsMacPercival Chicago Bears Stats
1970Card, ToppsLanceRentzel Dallas Cowboys Stats
1970Card, ToppsWillieRichardson Baltimore Colts Stats
1970Card, ToppsDaveRobinson (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1970Card, ToppsGeorgeSeals Chicago Bears Stats
1970Card, ToppsLarrySeiple Miami Dolphins Stats
1970Card, ToppsBillyShaw (HOF) Buffalo Bills Stats
1970Card, ToppsLenSt. Jean New England Patriots Stats
1970Card, ToppsSteveTensi Denver Broncos Stats
1970Card, ToppsJohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
1970Card, ToppsHarmonWages Atlanta Falcons Stats
1970Card, ToppsChuckWalker St Louis Cardinals Stats
1970Card, ToppsGeneWashington Minnesota Vikings Stats
1970Card, AutoHermanWeaver Detroit Lions Stats
1970Card, ToppsGeorgeWebster Houston Oilers Stats
1970Card, ToppsDaveWilliams St Louis Cardinals Stats
1970Card, Topps SuperTomWoodeshick New York Jets Stats
1971Card, ToppsChuckAllen Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1971Card, ToppsKenAvery Cincinnati Bengals Stats
1971Card, ToppsCasBanaszek San Francisco 49ers Stats
1971Card, ToppsRonBerger New England Patriots Stats
1971Card, ToppsLeeBouggess Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1971Card, ToppsZekeBratkowski Green Bay Packers Stats
1971Card, ToppsGaryCuozzo Minnesota Vikings Stats
1971Card, ToppsMartyDomres San Diego Chargers Stats
1971Card, ToppsPatFischer Washington Redskins Stats
1971Card, ToppsGaryGarrison San Diego ChargersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1971Card, ToppsBruceGossett San Francisco 49ers Stats
1971Card, ToppsPaulGuidry Buffalo Bills Stats
1971Card, ToppsDaveHerman New York Jets Stats
1971Card, ToppsDonHorn Denver Broncos Stats
1971Card, ToppsBobJohnson Cincinnati Bengals Stats
1971Card, ToppsRonJohnson New York Giants Stats
1971Card, ToppsLarryKrause Green Bay Packers Stats
1971Card, Topps (RC)WillieLanier (HOF) Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1971Card, ToppsJerryLogan Baltimore Colts Stats
1971Card, ToppsMikeLucci Detroit Lions Stats
1971Card, ToppsPaulMartha Denver Broncos Stats
1971Card, ToppsKentMcCloughan Oakland Raiders Stats
1971Card, ToppsKentMcCloughan Oakland RaidersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1971Card, ToppsMikeMcCoy Green Bay Packers Stats
1971Card, ToppsCliftonMcNeil New York Giants Stats
1971Card, ToppsCraigMorton Dallas Cowboys Stats
1971Card, ToppsEdO'Bradovich Chicago BearsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1971Card, ToppsJoeO'Donnell Buffalo Bills Stats
1971Card, ToppsGusOtto Oakland RaidersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1971Card, ToppsGaryPettigrew Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1971Card, ToppsMikePhipps Cleveland Browns Stats
1971Card, ToppsDickiePost San Diego Chargers Stats
1971Card, ToppsAlvinReed Houston Oilers Stats
1971Card, ToppsJohnnyRoland St Louis Cardinals Stats
1971Card, ToppsMartySchottenheimer New England Patriots Stats
1971Card, ToppsLarryStallings St Louis Cardinals Stats
1971Card, ToppsMikeTaliaferro New England Patriots Stats
1971Card, ToppsBakeTurner New England PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1971Card, ToppsWillieWood (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1971Card, ToppsTomWoodeshick Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1971Card, ToppsAdrianYoung Philadelphia EaglesEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1972Card, ToppsDonnyAnderson St Louis CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1972Card, 3x5 CutEdBaker Houston Oilers Stats
1972Card, ToppsMarlinBriscoe Buffalo Bills Stats
1972Card, ToppsDougBuffone Chicago Bears Stats
1972Card, ToppsVirgilCarter Cincinnati Bengals Stats
1972Card, ToppsBobbyDuhon New York Giants Stats
1972Card, ToppsCharlieDurkee New Orleans Saints Stats
1972Card, ToppsGeorgeFarmer Chicago Bears Stats
1972Card, ToppsGaryGarrison San Diego Chargers Stats
1972Card, ToppsIrvGoode Buffalo Bills Stats
1972Card, ToppsW.K.Hicks New York Jets Stats
1972Card, ToppsHaroldJackson Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1972Card, ToppsBillyKilmer Washington Redskins Stats
1972Card, ToppsCurtKnight Washington RedskinsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1972Card, ToppsJakeKupp New Orleans Saints Stats
1972Card, ToppsDaryleLamonica Oakland Raiders Stats
1972Card, ToppsBobLee Minnesota Vikings Stats
1972Card, ToppsPeteLiske Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1972Card, AutoTomMyers New Orleans Saints Stats
1972Card, ToppsGeorgeNock New York Jets Stats
1972Card, ToppsDennisPartee San Diego Chargers Stats
1972Card, 3x5 CutBobPenchion Buffalo Bills Stats
1972Card, ToppsMacPercival Chicago Bears Stats
1972Card, ToppsGerryPhilbin New York Jets Stats
1972Card, ToppsLenSt.Jean New England Patriots Stats
1972Card, ToppsRandyVataha New England PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1972Card, ToppsBillyWalik Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1972Card, ToppsCharlieWest Minnesota Vikings Stats
1972Card, ToppsSteveZabel New England PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsMargeneAdkins New Orleans Saints Stats
1973Card, ToppsWillieAlexander Houston Oilers Stats
1973Card, ToppsRalphAnderson Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1973Card, ToppsJimBakken St Louis CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsBillBell Atlanta Falcons Stats
1973Card, ToppsEmersonBoozer New York Jets Stats
1973Card, ToppsJimCheyunski New England Patriots Stats
1973Card, ToppsWayneColman New Orleans Saints Stats
1973Card, ToppsWayneColman New Orleans SaintsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsDickCunningham Buffalo Bills Stats
1973Card, ToppsMartyDomres Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsPeteDuranko Denver Broncos Stats
1973Card, ToppsMikeEischeid Minnesota VikingsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsHappyFeller New Orleans Saints Stats
1973Card, ToppsEdFlanagan Detroit Lions Stats
1973Card, ToppsRichmondFlowers New York Giants Stats
1973Card, ToppsGaryGarrison San Diego ChargersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsWalkerGillette St Louis Cardinals Stats
1973Card, ToppsBenHawkins Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1973Card, ToppsDaveHerman New York JetsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsPatHughes New York GiantsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsDonHultz Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1973Card, ToppsHaroldJackson Philadelphia EaglesEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsRandyJackson Chicago BearsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1973Card, ToppsJimKearney Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1973Card, ToppsRexKern Baltimore Colts Stats
1973Card, ToppsWadeKey Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1973Card, ToppsLeroyKeyes Philadelphia EaglesEXTRA FOR TRADEStats

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