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My Autograph Collection (12028 and growing)
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1959Card, AutoAlexHawkins Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2011Card, ContendersAlexHenery Philadelphia Eagles108 Stats
1988Card, 3x5AlexHigdon Atlanta Falcons Stats
1958Card, 3x5AlexKarras Detroit Lions Stats
2005Card, Topps All AmericanAlexKarras (HOF) Iowa Hawkeyes Stats
1955Card, 3x5AlexLansford Philadelphia Eagles Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticAlexMack Cleveland Browns303 Stats
2012Card, Topps OlympicAlexMeyer OlympianSwimming Info
2013Card, CustomAlexRedmond UCLA Bruins Info
1954Card, 3x5AlexSandusky Baltimore ColtsT/N/Y Stats
2005Photo, 4x6 PreprintAlexSmith San Francisco 49ers Stats
2005Card, Bowmans Best (RC)AlexSmith San Francisco 49ers Stats
2005Card, 3x5AlexSmith San Francisco 49ers Stats
2005Card, Bowmans Best (RC)AlexSmith Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2005Card, Press Pass (RC)AlexSmith Stanford CardinalEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1955Card, 3x5AlexWebster New York Giants Stats
1958Card, ToppsAlexWebster New York Giants Stats
1947Card, 3x5AlexWizbicki Buffalo BillsP/S Stats
1938Card, 3x5AlexWojciechowicz (HOF) Detroit Lions Stats
1989Card, SwellAlexWojciechowicz (HOF) Detroit Lions Stats
2007Card, 3x5AlfonsoBoone Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1985Card, ToppsAlfredAnderson Minnesota Vikings Stats
2014Card, ContendersAlfredBlue Houston Texans199 Stats
1978Card, ToppsAlfredJenkins Atlanta Falcons423 Stats
2012Card, ContendersAlfredMorris Washington Redskins101 Stats
2003Card, Fleer TraditionAlgeCrumpler Atlanta Falcons Stats
2001Card, SAGEAlgeCrumpler North Carolina Tarheels Stats
1984Card, ToppsAliHaji~Sheikh New York Giants Stats
2003Card, TK LegacyAliHaji~Sheikh Michigan Wolverines Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAliHighsmith Arizona Cardinals254 Stats
2006Card, 3x5AlisonLaPlaca Actress Info
1978Card, ToppsAllanEllis Chicago Bears132 Stats
1979Card, ToppsAllanEllis Chicago BearsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2005Card, 3x5AllenAldridge Detroit LionsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1998Card, 3x5AllenAldridge Detroit Lions Stats
1994Card, Signature Rookies TetradAllenAldridge Houston Cougars31 Stats
2011Card, ContendersAllenBradford Seattle Seahawks109 Stats
2011Card, TreasuresAllenBradford Tampa Bay Buccaneers134 Stats
2014Card, ContendersAllenHurns Jacksonville Jaguars190 Stats
2014Card, CustomAllenLazard Iowa State Cyclones Info
2009Card, Topps MagicAllenPatrick Oklahoma Sooners211 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAllenPatrick Baltimore RavensEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1990Card, Pro SetAllenPinkett Houston Oilers Stats
2014Card, PlatinumAllenRobinson Jacksonville -Jaguars54 Stats
2014Card, ContendersAllenRobinson Jacksonville Jaguars203 Stats
2005Card, Topps TotalAllenRossum Atlanta Falcons Stats
1998Card, 3x5AllenRossum Philadelphia Eagles Stats
2004Card, UltraAllisonFeaster WNBA Info
2015Cover, CDAllisonMoorer Musician Info
2015Card, ContendersAlonzoHarris Green Bay Packers263 Stats
1999Card, UD VictoryAlonzoMayes Chicago Bears Stats
1992Card, GameDayAlonzoSpellman Chicago Bears 39 Stats
1992Card, CourtsideAlonzoSpellman Ohio State Buckeyes Stats
2015Card, CustomAlphonsoCarter (Paul Harris) Louisville Cardinals Info
2009Card, SP AuthenticAlphonsoSmith Denver Broncos  
2009Card, HitAlphonsoSmith Wake Forest Demon Deacons Stats
2002Photo, 8x10AlshermondSingleton Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2012Card, CustomAlteeTenpenny Alabama Crimson Tide Info
1992Card, GamedayAltonMontgomery Denver BroncosEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2015Card, CustomAlvinBailey Florida Gators Info
1980Card, 3x5AlvinGarrett New York Giants Stats
1991Card, 3x5AlvinHarper Dallas Cowboys Stats
1993ProgramAlvinHarper Dallas Cowboys Stats
1969Card, ToppsAlvinHaymond Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaAlvinHaymond Baltimore Colts Stats
1965Card, 3x5AlvinHaymond Baltimore Colts Stats
2005Card, Bowmans Best (RC)AlvinPearman Jacksonville Jaguars Stats
1971Card, ToppsAlvinReed Houston Oilers Stats
2006Card, HeritageAlvisWhitted Oakland Raiders Stats
2011Card, 3x5AlyssaMilano Actress Info
2004Card, 4x6AmandaBeard OlympianGold - Swimming Info
1997HatAmaniToomer New York Giants Super Bowl XXXI Stats
2000Card, AutographicsAmaniToomer New York Giants Stats
2017Card, OpticAmaraDarboh Seattle Seahawks157 Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticAmobiOkoye Houston Texans250 Stats
1967Card, PhiladelphiaAmosMarsh Detroit Lions Stats
2003Card, ScoreAmosZereoue Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2006Card, 3x5Amy~JoJohnson Actress Info
2015Cover, CDAnaPopovic Musician Info
2002Card, 3x5AndraDavis (Florida LB) Cleveland Browns Stats
2012Card, ContendersAndreBranch Jacksonville Jaguars103 Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticAndreBrown New York Giants371 Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicAndreCaldwell Florida Gators54 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAndreCaldwell Cincinnati Bengals278 Stats
2008Card, SAGE HitAndreCallender Boston College Eagles Info
2004Card, Topps TotalAndreCarter San Francisco 49ers Stats
2003Photo, 3x5AndreCarter San Francisco 49ers Stats
2006Helmet, AuthenticAndreDavis Cleveland Browns Stats
2005Card, 3x5AndreDixon Detroit Lions Stats
2001Card, SAGEAndreDyson Utah Utes Stats
2013Card, Topps PlatinumAndreEllington Arizona CardinalsA-AE Stats
2002Card, 3x5AndreGoodman Detroit Lions Stats
2006Card, Autographics (RC)AndreHall Chicago Bears Stats
2006Card, Bowman Sterling (RC)AndreHall Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicAndreHall Southern Florida Bulls244 Stats
1993Card, 3x5AndreHastings Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2000Photo, 8x10AndreHastings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)AndreJohnson Houston Texans Stats
1997Card, VisionsAndreJohnson Washington Redskins Stats
1991Card, FleerAndreReed Buffalo BillsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1992Card, Pro LineAndreReed Buffalo BillsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1991Card, PacificAndreReed (HOF) Buffalo BillsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10AndreReed (HOF) Buffalo Bills Stats
1992Card, GamedayAndreReed (HOF) Buffalo Bills210 Stats
1985Card, 3x5AndreReed (HOF) Buffalo BillsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1997Card, Bowmans BestAndreReed (HOF) Buffalo BillsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1985Photo, 4x6AndreReed (HOF) Buffalo BillsHOF Stats
2002DrawingAndreReed and Thurman Thomas (HOF) Buffalo Bills Stats
1992Card, Upper DeckAndreRison Atlanta Falcons Stats
1992Card, GameDayAndreRison Atlanta Falcons468 Stats
2010Card, SP AuthenticAndreRoberts Citadel Bulldogs134 Stats
2013Card, Topps PlatinumAndreRoberts Arizona CardinalsAVP-AR Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticAndreSmith Cincinnati Bengals332 Stats
1978Card, ToppsAndreTillman Miami DolphinsTRADE (239) Stats
1978Card, ToppsAndreTillman Miami Dolphins239 Stats
1992Card, GameDayAndreTippett (HOF) New England Patriots 22 Stats
1989Card, Pro SetAndreTippett (HOF) New England PatriotsHOF 09 Stats
1999Card, Stadium ClubAndreWadsworth Arizona CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1999Card, UltraAndreWadsworth Arizona Cardinals Stats
1998Card, Press PassAndreWadsworth Florida State Seminoles Stats
1992Card, GameDayAndreWare (Heisman) Detroit Lions391 Stats
2006Helmet, MiniAndreWare (Heisman) Houston Cougars Stats
2005Card, Playoff HonorsAndreWare (Heisman) Houston Cougars Stats
1991Card, ToppsAndreWaters Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1967Card, 3x5AndreWhite Denver Broncos Stats
2014Card, ContendersAndreWilliams New York Giants204 Stats
2014Card, PlatinumAndreWilliams New York Giants46 Stats
2014Card, 3x5AndreWilliams Boston College Golden EaglesIP Walter Camp 2014 Info
2008Card, SP AuthenticAndreWoodson New York Giants Stats
2006Card, 3x5AndreaMcArdle Actress Info
1998Card, AuroraAndrewGlover Minnesota Vikings Stats
2007Card, 3x5AndrewHawkins Toledo Rockets Stats
1995Card, 3x5AndrewJordan Minnesota Vikings Stats
1997Card, 3x5AndrewJordan Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2011Card, 3x5AndrewKennedy Columbia LionsIP Walter Camp Info
2011Card, CustomAndrewLuck Stanford CardinalIP Walter Camp Info
2011Card, CustomAndrewLuck Stanford CardinalIP Walter Camp Info
2011Card, 3x5AndrewLuck Stanford Cardinals Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)AndrewPinnock San Diego Chargers Stats
2005Card, ToppsAndrewWalter Oakland Raiders Stats
2005Card, 3x5AndrewWalter Oakland Raiders Stats
2015Card, ContendersAndrusPeat New Orleans Saints174 Stats
2008Card, 3x5AndyAlleman New Orleans SaintsIP Walter Camp Stats
2006Card, 3x5AndyAlleman (OL) Akron ZipsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1969Card, 3x5AndyCoe LB Yale Bulldogs Stats
2010Card, 3x5AndyDalton TCU Horned Frogs Stats
2011Card, ContendersAndyDalton Cincinnati Bengals225 Stats
2011Card, TreasuresAndyDalton Cincinnati Bengals135 Stats
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)AndyHall Philadelphia Eagles152 Stats
1973Card, 3x5AndyHamilton Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1990Card, Pro SetAndyHeck Seattle SeahawksEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1990Card, ScoreAndyHeck Seattle Seahawks Stats
1989Card, 3x5AndyHeck Seattle SeahawksEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1991Card, FleerAndyHeck Seattle SeahawksEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1978Card, ToppsAndyJohnson New England Patriots 76 Stats
2006Card, AFLAndyKelly New Orleans Voodoo Info
2007Card, 3x5AndyLaRoche MLB Los Angeles Dodgers Info
2007Card, 3x5AndyLaRoche Los Angeles DodgersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2009Card, Home MadeAndyLevitre Buffalo Bills Stats
1973Card, ToppsAndyMaurer Atlanta Falcons Stats
1976Card, ToppsAndyMaurer Minnesota VikingsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1970Card, 3x5AndyMaurer (Oregon TE) Atlanta Falcons Stats
1999Card, 3x5AndyMcCullough Arizona Cardinals Stats
1959Card, ToppsAndyNelson Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2012Photo, 8x10AndyNelson Baltimore Colts Stats
1959Card, ToppsAndyNelson Baltimore Colts Stats
1962Card, ToppsAndyNelson Baltimore Colts Stats
1957Card, 3x5AndyNelson Baltimore ColtsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2010Card, 3x5AndyReid (Coach) Philadelphia EaglesIP - Bagram AB Stats
1994Card, Ted WilliamsAndyRobustelli (HOF) New York Giants Stats
2004Photo, 8x10AndyRobustelli (HOF) New York Giants Stats
1989Card, SwellAndyRobustelli (HOF) New York Giants Stats
1951Card, 3x5AndyRobustelli (HOF) New York GiantsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1951Card, Hall of FameAndyRobustelli (HOF) New York GiantsHOF 71 Stats
1963Card, 3x5AndyRussell Pittsburgh SteelersT/N/Y Stats
1969Card, ToppsAndyRussell Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1977Card, 3x5AndySpiva Atlanta Falcons Stats
2007Card, 3x5AngelaLansbury Actress Info
1943Card, 3x5AngeloBertelli (Heisman) Notre Dame Fighting IrishCHOF Notre Dame Info
2005Card, Topps TotalAngeloCrowell Buffalo Bills Stats
2014Card, CustomAngeloJean~Louis Marshall Thundering Herd Info
2008Card, 3x5AngieDickinson ActressEXTRA FOR TRADEInfo
2006Card, 3x5AngieDickinson Actress Info
2012Card, 3x5AnitaDiamant Author Info
2006Card, 3x5AnjelicaHuston Actress Info
2006Card, 3x5AnnBlyth Actress Info
2003Card, UltraAnnaDeForge WNBA Info
2004Card, 4x6AnnaKournikova Tennis Info
2006Card, 3x5Anne~MarieJohnson Actress Info
2006Card, 3x5AnniePotts Actress Info
2003Card, Upper DeckAnnikaSorenstam LPGA Golfer Info
2018Photo, 8x10AnquanBoldin Baltimore RavensEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2005Card, 3x5AnquanBoldin (Florida State) Arizona Cardinals Stats
2005Card, ToppsAntajHawthorne Oakland Raiders Stats
2005Card, Press PassAntajHawthorne Wisconsin Badgers Stats
2006Card, 3x5AntajHawthorne Oakland Raiders Stats
2011Card, 3x5AntawnJamison NBA Basketball Info
1998Card, 3x5AntawnJamison NBA Golden State Warriors Info
2011Card, TreasuresAnthonyAllen Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, ContendersAnthonyAllen Baltimore Ravens110 Stats

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