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2014Card, ContendersJaredAbbrederis Green Bay Packers138 Stats
2014Card, PlatinumJaredAbbrederis Green Bay Packers77 Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureKarimAbdul~Jabar Miami Dolphins Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10KarimAbdul~Jabar Miami Dolphins Stats
2000Card, AutographicsKarimAbdul~Jabar Cleveland Browns Stats
1987Card, ToppsWalterAbercrombie Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DerekAbney Baltimore Ravens178 Info
2000Card, SAGEJohnAbraham South Carolina Gamecocks Stats
1970Card, ToppsDannyAbramawicz New Orleans SaintsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1994Card, SuperiorBriceAbrams Michigan State SpartansEXTRA FOR TRADEInfo
1994Card, Signature Rookies TetradBriceAbrams Michigan State SpartansInfo
1988Card, ToppsCurtisAdams San Diego Chargers Stats
2011Card, Topps MagicDarvinAdams Carolina Panthers Stats
2014Card, PlatinumDavanteAdams Green Bay PackersStats
2007Card, Topps DPPGainesAdams Clemson Tigers Stats
2017Card, OpticJamalAdams New York Jets126 Stats
2012Card, ContendersJoeAdams Carolina Panthers228 Stats
1978Card, ToppsJuliusAdams New England Patriots401 Stats
2012Card, ContendersKrisAdams Indianapolis Colts240 Stats
2011Card, ContendersKyleAdams Chicago Bears150 Stats
2014Card, CustomMatthewAdams Houston Cougars Info
2006Card, ScoreMikeAdams San Francisco 49ers Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesSamAdams Texas A&M AggiesStats
1978Card, ToppsSamAdams New England Patriots201 Stats
2006Card, Press PassJosephAddai LSU Tigers Stats
2007Card, Upper DeckJosephAddai Indianapolis Colts Stats
1964Card, Philadelphia (RC)HerbAdderly (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
2012Card, CustomBralonAddison Oregon Ducks Info
2008Card, UD DraftXavierAdibi Virginia Tech Hokies Stats
1973Card, ToppsMargeneAdkins New Orleans Saints Stats
1991Card, Upper DeckTommieAgee Dallas Cowboys Stats
1992Card, GameDayRayAgnew New England Patriots479 Stats
1998Card, ScheduleLouieAguiar Kansas City Chiefs Stats
2015Card, ContendersKamarAiken Baltimore Ravens287 Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)SamAiken Buffalo Bills Stats
2014Card, ContendersWaltAikens Miami Dolphins251 Stats
1992Card, Upper DeckTroyAikman (HOF) Dallas CowboysHOF 06 Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureTroyAikman (HOF) Dallas CowboysHOF 06 Stats
2000Card, AutographicsTroyAikman (HOF) Dallas CowboysHOF 06 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticEricAinge New York Jets238 Stats
2002Card, ContendersHakimAkbar New England Patriots Stats
2005Card, ToppsDavidAkers Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1995Card, Signature Rookies 8x10TrevAlberts Nebraska Cornhuskers Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesTrevAlberts Nebraska CornhuskersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1978Card, ToppsTedAlbrecht Chicago Bears298 Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaGradyAlderman Minnesota Vikings Stats
1994Card, Signature Rookies TetradAllenAldridge Houston Cougars31 Stats
1983Card, ToppsCharlesAlexander Cincinnati Bengals Stats
2001Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DanAlexander Tennessee Titans Stats
1991Card, Pro SetDavidAlexander Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1992Card, ToppsDavidAlexander Philadelphia EaglesEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1999Card, SP SignatureDerrickAlexander Minnesota Vikings Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10DerrickAlexander Baltimore Ravens Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesDerrickAlexander Baltimore RavensStats
2015Card, ContendersKwonAlexander Tampa Bay Buccaneers139 Stats
2016Card, OpticMackensieAlexander Minnesota Vikings131 Stats
2004Card, Topps TotalShaunAlexander Seattle SeahawksEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1998Card, BowmanStephenAlexander Washington RedskinsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1999Card, DominionStephenAlexander Washington Redskins Stats
1973Card, ToppsWillieAlexander Houston Oilers Stats
2007Card, ScoreRufusAlexander (RC) Minnesota Vikings Stats
2000Card, AutographicsShaunAlexander (RC) Seattle Seahawks Stats
2006Card, ScoreRichAlexis Jacksonville Jaguars133 Stats
2015Card, ContendersMarioAlford Cincinnati Bengals157 Stats
2018Card, NiemanMuhammadAli Boxing Info
1987Card, ToppsRaulAllegre New York Giants Stats
2011Card, TreasuresAnthonyAllen Baltimore Ravens Stats
2011Card, ContendersAnthonyAllen Baltimore Ravens110 Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticAsherAllen Minnesota Vikings301 Stats
2015Card, ContendersBuckAllen Baltimore Ravens206 Stats
1971Card, ToppsChuckAllen Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2012Card, ContendersDwayneAllen Indianapolis Colts223 Stats
1995Card, Pro LineEricAllen Philadelphia Eagles Stats
1992Card, GamedayEricAllen Philadelphia Eagles122 Stats
2001Card, MVPJamesAllen Chicago Bears Stats
2007Card, ScoreJaredAllen Kansas City Chiefs Stats
2006Card, FleerJasonAllen Miami Dolphins Stats
1978Card, ToppsJimmyAllen Pittsburgh Steelers391 Stats
2017Card, OpticJonathanAllen Washington Redskins138 Stats
2011Card, CustomJordanAllen LSU Tigers Info
2013Card, PlatinumKeenanAllen San Diego ChargersA-KA Stats
2013Card, PlatinumKeenanAllen San Diego ChargersARP-KA Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesLarryAllen Dallas CowboysStats
1993Card, GamedayTerryAllen Minnesota Vikings Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10TerryAllen Washington Redskins Stats
2000Card, AutographicsTerryAllen New England Patriots Stats
2001Card, SAGEWillAllen New York Giants Stats
1986Card, ToppsMarcusAllen (HOF) Oakland Raiders Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticAundraeAllison Minnesota Vikings204 Stats
2006Card, Leaf Certified (RC)JonAlston St Louis Rams Stats
1976Card, ToppsMackAlston Houston Oilers Stats
2000Card, AutographicsMikeAlstott Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10MikeAlstott Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
1995Card, Signature Rookies 8x10MikeAlstott Purdue Boilermakers Stats
1995Card, PlayoffJohnAlt Kansas City ChiefsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1991Card, PacificJohnAlt Kansas City Chiefs Stats
2010Card, SP AuthenticTysonAlualu California Golden Bears137 Stats
1970Card, ToppsLanceAlworth (HOF) San Diego Chargers Stats
1978Card, ToppsLyleAlzado Denver Broncos 40 Stats
2014Card, PlatinumJaceAmaro New York Jets49 Stats
1992Card, GameDayAshleyAmbrose Indianapolis Colts171 Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureAshleyAmbrose Cincinnati Bengals Stats
1979Card, ToppsDickAmbrose Cleveland BrownsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1978Card, ToppsDickAmbrose Cleveland Browns454 Stats
2011Card, CustomDavidAmerson South Carolina State WolfpackEXTRA FOR TRADEInfo
2005Card, ContendersOtisAmey San Francisco 49ers Stats
2016Card, CustomKofiAmichia South Florida Bulls Stats
2011Card, TreasuresPrinceAmukamara New York Giants194 Stats
2011Card, ContendersPrinceAmukamara New York Giants165 Stats
2000Card, AutographicsKimbleAnders Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1990Card, ScoreMortenAndersen (HOF) New Orleans Saints Stats
2004Card, TraditionMortenAndersen (HOF) Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1985Card, ToppsAlfredAnderson Minnesota Vikings Stats
2006Card, CustomBryanAnderson Central Michigan Chippewas Info
2004Card, Bowmans Best (RC)CourtneyAnderson Oakland Raiders169 Stats
2002Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DamienAnderson Arizona Cardinals Stats
2006Card, Bowman Sterling (RC)DavidAnderson Houston Texans Stats
2005Card, Bowmans Best (RC)DerekAnderson Baltimore Ravens Stats
2010Card, Topps MagicDerekAnderson Arizona Cardinals Stats
1969Card, ToppsDickAnderson Miami Dolphins Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureDickAnderson Miami Dolphins Stats
1972Card, ToppsDonnyAnderson St Louis CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2015Card, ContendersDresAnderson San Francisco 49ers175 Stats
1993Card, Upper DeckEddieAnderson Los Angeles Raiders Stats
1992Card, GameDayEddieAnderson Los Angeles Raiders400 Stats
1992Card, GameDayGaryAnderson Tampa Bay Buccaneers 51 Stats
2007Card, Rookie and StarsJamaalAnderson Atlanta Falcons Stats
2007Card, SP AuthenticJamaalAnderson Atlanta Falcons221 Stats
1994Card, Signature RookiesJamalAnderson Houston CougarsBonus 1 Stats
2000Card, AutographicsJamalAnderson Atlanta Falcons Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10JamalAnderson Atlanta Falcons Stats
1982Card, ToppsKenAnderson Cincinnati BengalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1981Card, ToppsKenAnderson Cincinnati BengalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1978Card, ToppsKenAnderson Cincinnati Bengals205 Stats
2001Card, Topps ArchivesKenAnderson Cincinnati BengalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2000Card, AutographicsMikeAnderson Denver Broncos Stats
1992Card, GameDayNealAnderson Chicago Bears428 Stats
1992Card, GameDayNealAnderson Chicago Bears428 Stats
1991Card, Pro SetOttisAnderson New York Giants Stats
1973Card, ToppsRalphAnderson Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1994Card, JogoSugarfootAnderson Calgary Stampeders Stats
1963Card, ToppsTazAnderson St Louis Cardinals Stats
2004Card, BowmanTimAnderson Buffalo Bills Stats
2003Card, Upper DeckSparkyAnderson (HOF) MLB Detroit Tigers Info
2014Card, ContendersAntonioAndrews Tennessee Titans104 Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticShawnAndrews Philadelphia EaglesAP-AN Stats
2009Card, SP AuthenticStacyAndrews Philadelphia EaglesSP-SA Stats
1957Card, Topps ReprintCharlieAne (D) Detroit Lions Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)TravisAnglin Detroit Lions Info
2013Card, Topps PlatinumEzekielAnsah Detroit LionsA-AE Stats
2013Card, Home MadeEzekielAnsah Detroit Lions Stats
1997Card, Leaf 8x10ReidelAnthony Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2015Card, ContendersStephoneAnthony New Orleans Saints113 Stats
2011Card, CustomRossApo BYU Cougars Info
2016Card, OpticEliApple New York Giants133 Stats
2013Card, CustomEliApple (Woodard) Ohio State Buckeyes Stats
1969Card, ToppsFredArbanas Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1998Card, PinnacleJanethArcain WNBA Info
2014Card, ContendersDriArcher Pittsburgh Steelers217 Stats
2014Card, PlatinumDriArcher Pittsburgh Steelers51 Stats
1978Card, ToppsTroyArcher New York Giants492 Stats
2006Card, TotalAdamArchuleta Washington Redskins Stats
1957Card, Topps ReprintJoeArenas San Francisco 49ersEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1957Card, ToppsJoeArenas San Francisco 49ers Stats
2013Card, Home MadeBruceArians (Coach) Arizona Cardinals Info
1996Card, DonrussJustinArmour Buffalo Bills Stats
2012Card, Home MadeArikArmstead Oregon Ducks Info
2000Card, PacificJesseArmstead New York Giants Stats
1992Card, GamedayBruceArmstrong New England Patriots329 Stats
1978Card, ToppsOtisArmstrong Denver Broncos465 Stats
1992Card, GameDayTyjiArmstrong Tampa Bay Buccaneers 80 Stats
1977Card, ToppsMarkArneson St Louis CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
1978Card, ToppsMarkArneson St Louis Cardinals 27 Stats
1965Card, PhiladelphiaJonArnett Chicago Bears Stats
1962Card, ToppsJonArnett Los Angeles Rams Stats
1959Card, ToppsJonArnett Los Angeles RamsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2006Card, Press PassDevinAromashodu Auburn Tigers Stats
2009Card, Topps MagicAdrianArrington Michigan Wolverines141 Stats
2008Card, SP AuthenticAdrianArrington New Orleans Saints Stats
2005Card, Press PassJ.J.Arrington California Golden Bears Stats
2005Card, Press PassJ.J.Arrington Cal Golden BearsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2008Card, SAGE HitJabariArthur Akron Zips Info
2015Card, ContendersCameronArtiPayne - Carolina Panthers102 Stats
1966Card, PersonalBillAsbury Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
1974Card, ToppsBobAsher Chicago Bears Stats
1999Card, SP SignatureJamieAsher Washington Redskins Stats
1996Card, UD Collectors ChoiceJoeAska Oakland Raiders Stats
2003Card, Bowmans Best (RC)B.J.Askew New York Jets Stats
1992Card, GameDayGeneAtkins New Orleans Saints 28 Stats
2000Card, ScheduleLarryAtkins Kansas City Chiefs Stats
1969Card, ToppsDougAtkins (HOF) Chicago BearsHOF Stats
1961Card, FleerDougAtkins (HOF) Chicago BearsHOF Stats
1968Card, ToppsAlAtkinson New York Jets Stats
1974Card, ToppsGeorgeAtkinson Oakland Raiders Stats
1995Card, Pro LineSteveAtwater Denver Broncos Stats
2011Card, ContendersDavidAusberry Oakland Raiders127 Stats
1978Card, ToppsDarrellAustin New York Jets 61 Stats
2006Card, Fleer FuturesMilesAustin Dallas Cowboys Stats
2013Card, PlatinumTavonAustin St Louis RamsA-TA Stats
2011Card, CustomThomasAustin Houston Texans Stats

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