My Trading Card Collection

My Trading Card Collection (388 and growing)
PhotoYearTypeDescriptionCards in SetNumber of Sets
1951Football Card SetBowman Set1441
1954Football Card SetBowman Set1281
1955Football Card SetBowman Set1601
1955Football Card SetTopps All-American Set1001
1956Football Card SetTopps Set1401
1957Baseball Card SetEd-U-Cards Card Game301
1957Football Card SetTopps Set1541
1958Football Card SetTopps Set1321
1959Football Card SetTopps Set1761
1960Football Card SetFleer Set1321
1960Football Card SetTopps Set1321
1961Football Card SetFleer Set2201
1961Football Card SetNu-Card Set801
1961Football Card SetTopps Set1981
1962Football Card SetFleer Set881
1962Football Card SetTopps Set1761
1963Football Card SetFleer Set881
1963Football Card SetTopps Set1701
1964Football Card SetPhiladelphia Set1981
1964Football Card SetTopps Set1751
1965Football Card SetPhiladelphia Set1981
1965Football Card SetTopps Set1761
1966Football Card SetPhiladelphia Set1601
1966Football Card SetTopps 1321
1967Football Card SetPhiladelphia Set1981
1967Football Card SetTopps 1321
1968Football Card SetTopps 1321
1969Football Card SetTopps 2631
1970Football Card SetChase Sanborn Sticker Set261
1970Football Card SetTopps 2631
1971Football Card SetTopps 2631
1972Football Card SetSunoco Stamp Set6241
1972Football Card SetTopps Low Series2631
1973Football Card SetTopps 5281
1974Football Card SetTopps 5281
1975Football Card SetTopps 5721
1976Football Card SetTopps Football5411
1976Football Card SetTopps Wonder Bread351
1977Football Card SetTopps 5281
1978Football Card SetTopps 5281
1979Football Card SetTopps 5281
1980Football Card SetTopps 5281
1981Football Card SetTCMA Football Greats Set781
1981Football Card SetTopps Sticker Set2621
1981Football Card SetTopps 5281
1982Football Card SetTopps Sticker Set2881
1982Football Card SetTopps 5281
1983Football Card SetTopps Sticker Set3301
1983Football Card SetTopps 5281
1984Football Card SetTopps Sticker Set2821
1984Football Card SetTopps 3961
1984Football Card SetTopps USFL Set1321
1985Football Card SetTopps Football3961
1985Football Card SetTopps Sticker Set2851
1985Football Card SetTopps USFL Set1321
1986Football Card SetFleer 1001
1986Football Card SetMcDonalds Black Set301
1986Football Card SetMcDonalds Blue Set301
1986Football Card SetMcDonalds Green Set301
1986Football Card SetMcDonalds Orange Set301
1986Football Card SetTopps Set3962
1987Football Card SetTopps Set3961
1987Football Wax BoxTopps Stickers 1
1988Basketball Card SetFournier Spanish NBA Cards331
1988Football Card SetTopps Set3961
1988Football Wax BoxTopps Stickers 1
1989Baseball Card SetClassic Orange502
1989Baseball Card SetClassic Purple1002
1989Baseball Card SetFleer Set6601
1989Baseball Card SetUpper Deck Set8001
1989Football Card SetAction Packed Set301
1989Football Card SetPro Set GTE Superbowl Set501
1989Football Card SetPro Set Series I4402
1989Football Card SetPro Set Series II1002
1989Football Card SetPro Set Update212
1989Football Card SetScore Factory3302
1989Football Card SetScore Factory3301
1989Football Card SetScore Set3301
1989Football Card SetScore Supplement Set1101
1989Football Card SetTopps Factory3961
1989Football Card SetTopps Traded Set1101
1989Soccer Card SetFournier Ases del Futbol Set331
1990Baseball Card SetClassic Set1501
1990Baseball Card SetClassic Update501
1990Baseball Card SetScore Set7041
1990Baseball Card SetUpper Deck Factory8001
1990Basketball Card SetStar Pics Draft Picks Set701
1990Football Card SetAction Packed Rookie Update841
1990Football Card SetAction Packed Set2801
1990Football Card SetFleer Set4003
1990Football Card SetFleer Stars & Stripes881
1990Football Card SetFleer Update1201
1990Football Card SetPro Set Buick Superbowl Set1301
1990Football Card SetPro Set Series I3783
1990Football Card SetPro Set Series II4203
1990Football Card SetPro Set Super Bowl 24 GTE Set1602
1990Football Card SetPro Set Super Bowl 25 Set1602
1990Football Card SetPro Set Update282
1990Football Wax BoxPro Set Wax Football - Series II 2
1990Football Card SetScore Young SuperStars403
1990Football Card SetScore Series I3303
1990Football Card SetScore Series II3303
1990Football Card SetScore Traded Supplement1102
1990Football Card SetTopps Factory5282
1990Football Card SetTopps Traded1321
1990Golf Card SetPro Set Inagural PGA1001
1990Hockey Wax BoxScore Box 2
1991Baseball Card SetStadium club w/ Stadium2001
1991Baseball Card SetUpper Deck Factory8001
1991Baseball Wax BoxUpper Deck Baseball01
1991Basketball Card SetUpper Deck Factory5001
1991Desert Storm Card SetAAA Sports Set601
1991Desert Storm Card SetDSI Inc Set501
1991Desert Storm Card SetPacific Set1101
1991Desert Storm Card SetPro Set Set2501
1991Desert Storm Card SetTopps Homecoming Series882
1991Desert Storm Card SetTopps Series I883
1991Desert Storm Card SetTopps Victory Series883
1991Desert Storm Wax BoxTopps Desert Storm 1
1991Football Card SetAction Packed Factory2911
1991Football Card SetAction Packed Wizzer White Awards321
1991Football Card SetAll World Canadian1104
1991Football Card SetBowman Factory5611
1991Football Card SetClassic Draft Picks501
1991Football Card SetFleer All Pro Insert261
1991Football Card SetFleer Pro Visions Insert101
1991Football Card SetFleer Regular Set4402
1991Football Card SetFleer Ultra3001
1991Football Card SetFleer Ultra Update1003
1991Football Wax BoxFleer Football-Ultra 1
1991Football Wax BoxJogo Football-CFL 1
1991Football Wax BoxPacific Football01
1991Football Card SetPacific Factory5502
1991Football Card SetPacific Flash Card Set1001
1991Football Card SetPacific II Series II1102
1991Football Card SetPinnacle Set4151
1991Football Wax BoxPinnacle Football 1
1991Football Wax BoxPro Set Football - Series I01
1991Football Wax BoxPro Set Football-Platinum I 1
1991Football Wax BoxPro Set Football-Platinum II 1
1991Football Card SetPro Set World Football League1501
1991Football Card SetPro Set Platinum3152
1991Football Card SetPro Set Series I & II & Update8502
1991Football Card SetPro Set Spanish3001
1991Football Wax BoxProLine Football3001
1991Football Card SetProLine Portraits Set3071
1991Football Wax BoxProLine Football01
1991Football Wax BoxScore Football - Series I01
1991Football Card SetScore Factory6861
1991Football Card SetScore Rookie & Traded1102
1991Football Card SetScore Series I & II6862
1991Football Card SetScore Series II3301
1991Football Card SetScore Young Superstars251
1991Football Card SetStar Pics Draft Picks Set1401
1991Football Card SetTopps Factory6602
1991Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club5001
1991Football Wax BoxTopps Football01
1991Football Card SetUpper Deck Factory7001
1991Football Card SetUpper Deck High Series1002
1991Football Card SetUpper Deck Low Series5002
1991Football Wax BoxUpper Deck Football015
1991Football Card SetWild Card Set1502
1991Hockey Wax BoxUpper Deck Hockey 1
1992Baseball Wax BoxUpper Deck Baseball 1
1992Basketball Wax BoxUpper Deck Basketball 6
1992Basketball Card SetUpper Deck Set5132
1992Football Card SetAction packed Rookie Update841
1992Football Card SetAll World NFL3002
1992Football Card SetBowman 5732
1992Football Card SetClassic Draft Picks1001
1992Football Wax BoxCollectors Edge Football 1
1992Football Wax BoxFleer Football Wax Box 1
1992Football Card SetFleer 4801
1992Football Card SetGameday Draft Set 1
1992Football Card SetGameday 5001
1992Football Wax BoxGameday Football 1
1992Football Wax BoxImpact Football-World League 1
1992Football Wax BoxPacific Football 1
1992Football Card SetPacific 6601
1992Football Card SetPinnacle 3601
1992Football Card SetPlayoff 1502
1992Football Card SetPro Set Series I4001
1992Football Card SetPro Set Super Bowl XXVI Binder Set401
1992Football Card SetSkybox Impact3501
1992Football Card SetTopps Factory Set7591
1992Football Card SetTopps High Series1131
1992Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club III1001
1992Football Wax BoxTopps Stadium Club I 1
1992Football Wax BoxTopps Stadium Club II 1
1992Football Wax BoxUpper Deck Football 2
1992Football Card SetUpper Deck Series I and II6201
1992Football Card SetWild Card Series I4602
1992Football Card SetWild Card Series II2101
1993Basketball Card SetTopps Archive 1
1993Basketball Card SetTopps Stadium Club4001
1993Basketball Card SetUpper Deck McDonalds1031
1993Football Card SetAction Packed 2221
1993Football Card SetAction Packed High Series601
1993Football Card SetAction Packed Monday Night Football1501
1993Football Card SetAction Packed Proof Sheet11
1993Football Card SetAction Packed QB Sheet11
1993Football Card SetBowman 4231
1993Football Wax BoxBowman Football 1
1993Football Card SetClassic Draft Picks1051
1993Football Card SetCollectors Edge Set3251
1993Football Card SetFleer Set5001
1993Football Card SetFleer Ultra5001
1993Football Card SetGameday McDonalds931
1993Football Card SetGameday Set4801
1993Football Card SetPacific Triple Folder Set301
1993Football Card SetPinnacle Score551
1993Football Card SetPlayoff Contenders1501
1993Football Card SetPro Set Power4491
1993Football Card SetScore Select2001
1993Football Card SetScore Set4401
1993Football Card SetSkybox Premium2701
1993Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club5501
1993Football Wax BoxTopps Stadium Series 1 1
1993Football Card SetUpper Deck Set5301
1993Football Card SetUpper Deck SP2701
1993Football Card SetWild Card Set2601
1994Football Card SetAction Packed QB Club121
1994Football Card SetFleer Set4801
1994Football Card SetFleer Stay in School Set 1121
1994Football Card SetFleer Ultra5251
1994Football Card SetFleer Ultra Series I3251
1994Football Card SetPinnacle Canton Bound421
1994Football Card SetPlayoff Contenders2001
1994Football Card SetPlayoff Contenders1201
1994Football Card SetPro Line Live4051
1994Football Card SetRoger Staubach Set901
1994Football Card SetScore Pinnacle2701
1994Football Card SetScore Select2251
1994Football Card SetScore Set3301
1994Football Card SetSignature Rookies Autograph Set1401
1994Football Card SetSkybox Premium2001
1994Football Card SetStadium Club Series 12701
1994Football Card SetStadium Club Super Bowl Set5411
1994Football Card SetTopps Factory Set6601
1994Football Card SetTopps Finest1501
1994Football Card SetUpper Deck Set3301
1994Football Card SetUpper Deck SP2001
1995Baseball Card SetUpper Deck Metallic Mickey Mantle 1
1995Football Card SetAction Packed Set1261
1995Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best901
1995Football Card SetCollectors Edge Black Label1501
1995Football Card SetPacific Gridiron321
1995Football Card SetPinnacle Set2501
1995Football Card SetPinnacle Set2501
1995Football Card SetPlayoff Absolute2001
1995Football Card SetScore Zenith1501
1995Football Card SetStadium Club Super Bowl Set4501
1995Football Card SetTopps Factory4682
1995Football Card SetUpper Deck Set3001
1995Football Card SetUpper Deck SP2001
1996Baseball Card SetTopps Dodgers Archive 1
1996Football Card SetDonruss Set1751
1996Football Card SetFleer Set2001
1996Football Card SetLeaf Factory Set - Limited 19961901
1996Football Card SetPinnacle Summitt2001
1996Football Card SetPlayoff Prime Series 11001
1996Football Card SetScore Select2002
1996Football Card SetTopps Factory5281
1996Football Card SetUpper Deck Football3001
1996Football Card SetUpper Deck SPx501
1997Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1252
1997Football Card SetCollectors Edge Extreme1801
1997Football Card SetDonruss Set2301
1997Football Card SetLeaf Signature 8x101081
1997Football Card SetPinnacle Zenith1501
1997Football Card SetPlayoff Factory-Contenders1501
1997Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4151
1997Football Card SetUpper Deck Cut Above Set101
1998Football Card SetCollectors Edge Masters Gold 78/1001501
1998Football Card SetPacific Aurora w/Inserts2001
1998Football Card SetTopps Factory Set3651
1998Football Card SetTopps Finest Series I1501
1998Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club1951
1998Football Card SetUpper Deck Super Bowl 33 Set201
1998Football Wax BoxUpper Deck SPX 1
1999Football Card SetFleer Tradition3001
1999Football Card SetFleer Ultra3001
1999Football Card SetLeaf Rookies & Stars w/o SP2001
1999Football Card SetScore Supplement1101
1999Football Card SetTopps Factory3571
1999Football Card SetTopps Set w/o Rookies3231
1999Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club2001
1999Football Wax BoxTopps Football 1
1999Football Card SetUpper Deck Ovation w/o Rookies601
1999Football Card SetUpper Deck SP Signature1801
2000Football Card SetBowman Best w/o SPs1001
2000Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1501
2000Football Card SetBowman Set2401
2000Football Card SetCollectors Edge Supreme1901
2000Football Card SetCollectors Edge Supreme Factory Set1901
2000Football Card SetFinest Super Bowl XXXV Set121
2000Football Card SetFleer Metal3001
2000Football Wax BoxFleer Tradition Autographics1601
2000Football Card SetFleer Tradition Glossy #14634061
2000Football Card SetFleer Tradition Glossy #52084061
2000Football Card SetFleer Ultra w/ Rookies2491
2000Football Card SetLeaf Rookies & Stars w/o SP1001
2000Football Card SetPacific Incomplete3501
2000Football Card SetPacific Private Stock1001
2000Football Card SetScore Set2201
2000Football Card SetSkybox Molten Metal Factory 2090/34001251
2000Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4001
2000Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club1751
2000Football Card SetTopps Stadium Club1751
2000Football Card SetUpper Deck Monday Night Stars181
2000Football Card SetUpper Deck Pros & Prospects w/o SP841
2000Football Card SetUpper Deck Super Bowl XXXV Set201
2000Football Card SetUpper Deck UD w/ all Inserts4001
2000Football Card SetUpperdeck MVP2181
2001Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1751
2001Football Card SetBowman Set w/ Inserts3251
2001Football Card SetDonruss Elite w/o Rookies1002
2001Football Card SetFleer Ultra w/o SP2501
2001Football Card SetLeaf Quantum2202
2001Football Card SetLeaf Rookies & Stars w/o SP1001
2001Football Card SetPlayoff Absolute w/o SP1001
2001Football Card SetScore Incomplete3001
2001Football Card SetScore Select2201
2001Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2001Football Card SetTopps Finest SB Set201
2001Football Card SetTopps Gallery1391
2001Football Card SetTopps XFL1001
2001Football Card SetUpper Deck MVP3301
2001Football Card SetUpper Deck Pros & Prospects w/o SP901
2001Football Card SetUpper Deck Rookie F/X Incomplete1501
2001Football Card SetUpper Deck Vintage2901
2001Football Wax BoxVarious 3200 Ct Box32001
2002Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1751
2002Football Card SetDonruss Gridiron Kings1751
2002Football Card SetLeaf Rookies & Stars3001
2002Football Card SetMulti Super Bowl Aikman Set51
2002Football Card SetScore Set3301
2002Football Card SetTopps Chrome w/o SPs1651
2002Football Card SetTopps Factory Set3851
2002Football Card SetUpper Deck Upper Tier 9-card Sheet91
2003Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1751
2003Football Card SetTopps All-American1501
2003Football Card SetTopps Factory Set3851
2004Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1751
2004Football Card SetBowman Chrome Super Bowl XXXIX Set181
2004Football Card SetPress Pass Factory Set831
2004Football Card SetTopps Factory Set 1
2004Football Card SetTopps Super Bowl XXXIX Set181
2004Football Card SetTopps Super Bowl XXXIX Set Limited61
2004Football Card SetUpper Deck Rookie Premier301
2005Football Card SetBowman Bowman's Best1671
2005Football Card SetBowman Hand Collated4001
2005Football Wax BoxBowman Sealed box 1
2005Football Card SetTopps All American 801
2005Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2005Football Card SetTopps Hand Collated4401
2005Football Card SetTopps Super Bowl XL Factory Set4451
2005Football Card SetUpper Deck Legends w/o Rookies1001
2006Football Card SetPress Pass Set and Autographs1221
2006Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2006Football Card SetTopps Super Bowl XL Gold Set181
2006Football Card SetUpper Deck Super Bowl XL Set91
2007Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2007Football Card SetTopps Super Bowl XLI Set161
2007Football Card SetUpper Deck SP Authentic3001
2008Football Card SetScore Super Bowl XLIII Factory Set4401
2008Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2008Football Card SetUpper Deck SP Authentic3001
2009Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2009Football Card SetTopps Magic w/ All Inserts3501
2009Football Card SetUpper Deck SP Authentic4041
2010Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2010Football Card SetTopps Magic Set2481
2010Football Card SetUpper Deck SP Authentic3041
2011Football Card SetPanini Contenders2221
2011Football Card SetPanini Timeless Treasures2221
2011Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2012Football Card SetPanini Contenders Set2451
2012Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2013Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2013Football Card SetTopps Platinum Set2551
2014Football Card SetPanini Contenders Set2511
2014Football Card SetTopps Factory Set4401
2014Football Card SetTopps Platinum Set2161
2015Football Card SetPanini Contenders Set2391
2016Football Card SetDonruss Optic w/ Autos Set2001
2017Football Card SetDonruss Optic w/ Autos Set2001
2018Football Card SetDonruss Optic w/ Autos Set2001

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