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My Sports Figure Collection (167 and growing)
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1996FootballJohnElway (HOF) Denver BroncosHOF 04 Stats
1996FootballBrettFavre (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
1996FootballDanMarino (HOF) Miami DolphinsHOF 05 Stats
1996FootballEmmittSmith (HOF) Dallas CowboysHOF 10 Stats
1997FootballCurtisMartin (HOF) New York Jets Stats
2001NFL Series 02MarkBrunell Jacksonville Jaguars Stats
2001NFL Series 01KurtWarner (HOF) St Louis Rams Stats
2002NFL Series 05TomBrady New England Patriots Stats
2002NFL Series 05RayLewis Baltimore Ravens Stats
2002NFL Series 05JerryRice (HOF) Oakland Raiders Stats
2002NHL Series 3ScottStevens New Jersey Devils Info
2003NFL Series 06ShaunAlexander Seattle SeahawksEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2003NFL Series 06MikeAlstott Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2003SpawnRedAngela Spawn  
2003NFL National ExclusiveTikiBarber New York Giants Stats
2003NFL Series 06DrewBledsoe Buffalo Bills Stats
2003NFL Series 07DavidCarr Houston Texans Stats
2003SpawnGreenCosmic Angel Spawn  
2003NFL Series 07MarshallFaulk (HOF) Indianapolis Colts Chase  Stats
2003NFL 2 PackRichGannon vs Derrick Brooks Oakland Raiders/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2003NFL HOF ExclusiveWilliamGreen Cleveland Browns Stats
2003Spawn50thIssue Special Spawn  
2003NFL Series 06DeuceMcAllister New Orleans SaintsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2003NFL 2 PackEdMcCaffrey vs Zach Thomas Denver Broncos/Miami Dolphins Stats
2003NFL Series 06DanOrlovsky Detroit Lions Stats
2003NFL Series 07ChadPennington New York Jets Stats
2003NFL Series 07JuliusPeppers Carolina Panthers Stats
2003NFL Series 07JuliusPeppers White Variant Carolina Panthers Stats
2003NFL Series 07JeremyShockey New York Giants Stats
2003NFL Series 06EmmittSmith (HOF) Arizona Cardinals Stats
2003SpawnMedievalSpawn vs Malebogia Spawn  
2003NFL Series 07MichaelVick Atlanta Falcons Stats
2004NFL Series 08DrewBledsoe Variant New England Patriots Stats
2004NFL 2 PackManningBrothers 2 Pack  
2004NFL Series 09DaunteCulpepper 2 Minnesota Vikings Stats
2004Super Bowl ExclusiveEddieGeorge Houston Oilers Stats
2004NFL Series 08AhmanGreen Green Bay PackersPKG Stats
2004NFL Series 09PriestHolmes 2 Kansas City ChiefsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2004NFL Series 08TorryHolt Retro Variant St Louis Rams Stats
2004NFL Series 09ChadJohnson Cincinnati Bengals Stats
2004NFL Series 08JamalLewis Baltimore Ravens Stats
2004NFL Series 08PeytonManning Indianapolis Colts Stats
2004NFL Series 08SteveMcNair Tennessee Titans Stats
2004NFL Series 10TerrellOwens 2 Philadelphia Eagles  Stats
2004NFL Series 09JakePlummer Denver Broncos Stats
2004NFL 2 PackClintonPortis vs Ray Lewis Washington Redskins/Baltimore Ravens Stats
2004NHL Series 08CompleteSealed Set NHL  
2004NFL Series 09JuniorSeau Miami Dolphins Stats
2004NFL 2 PackMichaelStrahan vs Donovan McNabb New York Giants/Philadelphia Eagles Stats
2004NFL Series 09BrianUrlacher 2 Chicago Bears Stats
2004NFL Series 10RickyWilliams Miami DolphinsPKG Stats
2004NFL Series 10RoyWilliams Dallas Cowboys Stats
2004NFL Series 10RickyWilliams 2 Orange Variant Miami Dolphins Stats
2005NFL Legends 1TroyAikman Variant Dallas Cowboys HOF 2006 Stats
2005NFL Series 12LavarArrington Washington Redskins Stats
2005NFL 12" Series 3TomBrady New England Patriots Stats
2005NFL Series 11TomBrady 2 New England Patriots Chase Stats
2005NFL Series 12DrewBrees San Diego Chargers Stats
2005Military Series 1MarineCorps Recon Marine Corps  
2005Military Series 1MarineCorps Recon Sniper Marine Corps  
2005Military Series 1ArmyDesert Infantry Army  
2005Military Series 1ArmyDesert Infantry Boxed Set Army  
2005NFL Series 12CoreyDillon New England Patriots Stats
2005MLB Cooperstown 4JoeDiMaggio (HOF) MLB New York Yankees Info
2005NFL 12" Series 3JohnElway (HOF) Denver Broncos Stats
2005NFL Legends 1JohnElway (HOF) Denver Broncos Stats
2005Military Series 1AirForce Special Ops CCT Air Force  
2005Military Series 2 RedeployedMK19Grenade Launcher Box Set Army  
2005NFL Legends 1FrancoHarris Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2005Military Series 2MarineInfantry Marine Corps  
2005NFL Series 12KevinMawae New York Jets Stats
2005NFL Series 11WillisMcGahee Buffalo Bills  Stats
2005Military Series 2ArmyParatrooper Army  
2005Military Series 2MarineRadioman Marine Corps  
2005Military Series 1ArmyRanger Army  
2005NFL Series 11WillieRoaf (HOF) Kansas City Chiefs  Stats
2005NFL Series 11BenRoethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2005NFL CC ExclusiveDeionSanders Atlanta Falcons Stats
2005NFL ExclusiveDeionSanders Dallas Cowboys Stats
2005NFL Legends 1BarrySanders (HOF) Detroit Lions Stats
2005NFL 2 PackDeionSanders vs Jerry Rice Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ers Stats
2005Military Series 1NavySeal Navy  
2005NBA CC ExclusiveLatrellSprewell Minnesota Timberwolves Stats
2005NFL Legends 1LawrenceTaylor (HOF) New York Giants Stats
2005NFL Legends 1JohnnyUnitas (HOF) Baltimore Colts Stats
2005MLB DioramaJasonVaritek w/ Umpire Boston Red Sox  Info
2005NBA LegendsBillWalton Portland Trailblazers Info
2005MLB Cooperstown 4TedWilliams (HOF) Boston Red Sox  Info
2006NFL Series 13DrewBledsoe Dallas Cowboys Retro Stats
2006NFL Series 14DerrickBrooks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2006NFL Series 13TedyBruschi New England Patriots Stats
2006NFL Series 14ReggieBush New Orleans Saints Stats
2006Military Series 4NavyField Medic Navy  
2006Military Series 3AirForce Security Force K9 Air Force  
2006NFL Series 14AntonioGates San Diego Chargers Stats
2006Military Series 3ArmyHelicopter Crew Chief Army  
2006NFL Collector's ClubMattLeinart Arizona Cardinals Stats
2007Collectors Club 12"Dorothy(OZ) Twisted Land of Oz  
2007NFL Legends 2JimBrown (HOF) Cleveland Browns Stats
2007NFL Legends 3EarlCampbell (HOF) Houston Oilers Stats
2007NFL Legends 3BoJackson Los Angeles Raiders  Stats
2007NFL Legends 2RonnieLott San Francisco 49ersHOF 2000 Stats
2007NFL Legends 3DanMarino (HOF) Miami Dolphins  Stats
2007NFL Legends 2JoeMontana (HOF) San Francisco 49ers Stats
2007NFL Legends 2RayNitschke (HOF) Green Bay Packers  Stats
2007NFL 12" Series 4WalterPayton (HOF) Chicago Bears Stats
2007NFL Legends 2WalterPayton (HOF) Chicago Bears Stats
2007NFL Legends 3RogerStaubach (HOF) Dallas Cowboys Stats
2007NFL Collector's EditionBrianUrlacher Chicago Bears Stats
2007NFL Legends 3ReggieWhite (HOF) Philadelphia Eagles Stats
2007NFL Series 15VinceYoung Tennessee Titans PKG Stats
2008NFL QB 3 PackTomBrady New England Patriots Retro Stats
2008NFL Series 17BrettFavre (HOF) Green Bay Packers Stats
2008NFL Series 17RandyMoss New England Patriots  Stats
2008NFL Series 17WillieParker Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2008NFL 12" SeriesJerryRice (HOF) San Francisco 49ers Stats
2008NFL Series 20PhilipRivers San Diego Chargers Stats
2008NFL Legends 4FranTarkenton (HOF) Minnesota Vikings  Stats
2009College Series 1TomBrady Michigan Wolverines  Stats
2009Collectors ClubMrsClaus (Blond) Fantasy  
2009College Series 1RayLewis Miami Hurricanes  Stats
2009College Series 1PeytonManning Tennessee Volunteers  Stats
2009College Series 1AdrianPeterson Oklahoma Sooners  Stats
2009NFL Series 19ClintonPortis Washington Redskins Chase Stats
2009NFL Series 20TonyRomo Dallas Cowboys Stats
2009NFL Series 20TonyRomo Dallas Cowboys Stats
2009College Series 1JamarcusRussell LSU Tigers  Stats
2009College Series 1HinesWard Georgia Bulldogs  Stats
2009NFL 2 PackJasonWitten & Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys Stats
2009NFL Legends 5SteveYoung (HOF) San Francisco 49ers  Stats
2010College Series 2MarionBarber Minnesota Golden Gophers Stats
2010NFL Elite SeriesTomBrady Variant New England Patriots Stats
2010College Series 2DrewBrees Purdue Boilermakers  Stats
2010NFL Legends 6DickButkus (HOF) Chicago Bears  Stats
2010College Series 2LarryFitzgerald Pittsburgh Panthers Stats
2010NFL Series 24ChrisJohnson Exclusive Houston Oilers Stats
2010College Series 2EliManning Ole Miss Rebels  Stats
2010NFL Series 23RashardMendenhall Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2010NFL Legends 6JohnRiggins (HOF) New York Jets Stats
2010College Series 2TonyRomo Eastern Illinois University Panthers  Stats
2010College Series 2MattRyan Boston College Eagles Stats
2010NFL Series 22MattRyan Atlanta Falcons Stats
2010NFL Legends 6PhilSimms New York Giants Stats
2011NFL Series 26JeromeBettis Los Angeles RamsHOF 2015 Stats
2011NFL Series 26TerryBradshaw (HOF) Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2011NFL Series 27TomBrady 4 New England Patriots Stats
2011NFL Series 27EricDickerson Los Angeles RamsHOF 1999 Stats
2011NFL Series 25BrettFavre (HOF) Minnesota Vikings Stats
2011NFL Series 27LarryFitzgerald Arizona Cardinals Stats
2011NFL Series 28AndreJohnson Houston Texans Stats
2011NFL Series 25PeytonManning Indianapolis Colts Stats
2011NFL 12" SeriesAdrianPeterson Minnesota Vikings Stats
2011College Series 3RayRice Rutgers Scarlet Knights Stats
2011College Series 3TimTebow Florida Gators Stats
2011NFL Series 26WesWelker New England Patriots Stats
2012College Series 4MarcusAllen USC TrojansHOF 2003 Stats
2012Series 31VictorCruz New York Giants Stats
2012Series 31RobertGriffin III Washington Redskins Stats
2012College Series 4CamNewton Auburn Tigers Stats
2012College Series 4RickyWilliams Texas Longhorns Stats
2013NFL Series 33RussellWilson Seattle Seahawks Stats
2014NFL SeriesJoeNamath (HOF) New York Jets Stats
2015NFL Series 37JameisWinston Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2017Madden NFL 17 Series 3DezBryant Dallas Cowboys  
2018Madden NFL 18 Series 1TomBrady New England Patriots  
2018Madden 19RobGronkowski New England Patriots Stats
2018Madden NFL 18 Series 1DavidJohnson Arizona Cardinals  

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