My Sports Figure Collection

My Sports Figure Collection (103 and growing)
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1996FootballJohnElway Denver BroncosHOF 2004 Stats
1996FootballBrettFavre Green Bay PackersHOF 2016 Stats
1996FootballDanMarino Miami DolphinsHOF 2005 Stats
1996FootballEmmittSmith Dallas CowboysHOF 2010 Stats
1997FootballCurtisMartin New York JetsHOF 2012 Stats
2001NFL Series 02MarkBrunell Jacksonville Jaguars Stats
2001NFL Series 01KurtWarner St Louis RamsHOF 2017 Stats
2002NFL Series 05TomBrady New England Patriots Stats
2002NHL Series 3ScottStevens New Jersey Devils Info
2003NFL Series 06ShaunAlexander Seattle SeahawksEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2003NFL Series 06MikeAlstott Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stats
2003SpawnRedAngela Spawn  
2003NFL National ExclusiveTikiBarber New York Giants Stats
2003NFL Series 07DavidCarr Houston Texans Stats
2003SpawnGreenCosmic Angel Spawn  
2003NFL Series 07MarshallFaulk Indianapolis Colts ChaseHOF 2011 Stats
2003Spawn50thIssue Special Spawn  
2003NFL Series 06DeuceMcAllister New Orleans SaintsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2003NFL Series 06DanOrlovsky Detroit Lions Stats
2003NFL Series 07ChadPennington New York Jets Stats
2003NFL Series 07JuliusPeppers Carolina PanthersHOF 2024 Stats
2003NFL Series 07JuliusPeppers White Variant Carolina PanthersHOF 2024 Stats
2003NFL Series 07JeremyShockey New York Giants Stats
2003SpawnMedievalSpawn vs Malebogia Spawn  
2004NFL Series 08DrewBledsoe Variant New England Patriots Stats
2004NFL 2 PackManningBrothers 2 Pack  
2004NFL Series 09DaunteCulpepper 2 Minnesota Vikings Stats
2004NFL Series 08AhmanGreen Green Bay PackersPKG Stats
2004NFL Series 09PriestHolmes 2 Kansas City ChiefsEXTRA FOR TRADEStats
2004NFL Series 08TorryHolt Retro Variant St Louis Rams Stats
2004NFL Series 08PeytonManning Indianapolis ColtsHOF 2021 Stats
2004NFL Series 08SteveMcNair Tennessee Titans Stats
2004NFL Series 10TerrellOwens 2 Philadelphia Eagles HOF 2018 Stats
2004NFL Series 09JakePlummer Denver Broncos Stats
2004NFL Series 10RickyWilliams Miami DolphinsPKG Stats
2004NFL Series 10RoyWilliams Dallas Cowboys Stats
2004NFL Series 10RickyWilliams 2 Orange Variant Miami DolphinsHeisman 1998 Stats
2005NFL Series 12LavarArrington Washington Redskins Stats
2005NFL 12" Series 3TomBrady New England Patriots Stats
2005NFL Series 11TomBrady 2 New England Patriots Chase Stats
2005NFL 12" Series 3JohnElway Denver BroncosHOF 2004 Stats
2005Military Series 1AirForce Special Ops CCT Air Force  
2005NFL Series 11WillisMcGahee Buffalo Bills  Stats
2005NFL Series 11WillieRoaf Kansas City ChiefsHOF 2012 Stats
2005NFL Series 11BenRoethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2005NBA CC ExclusiveLatrellSprewell Minnesota Timberwolves Stats
2005NFL Legends 1LawrenceTaylor New York GiantsHOF 1999 Stats
2005MLB DioramaJasonVaritek w/ Umpire Boston Red Sox  Info
2005NBA LegendsBillWalton Portland Trailblazers Info
2006NFL Series 13DrewBledsoe Dallas Cowboys Retro Stats
2006NFL Series 14DerrickBrooks Tampa Bay BuccaneersHOF 2014 Stats
2006NFL Series 13TedyBruschi New England Patriots Stats
2006NFL Series 14ReggieBush New Orleans Saints Stats
2006NFL Series 14AntonioGates San Diego Chargers Stats
2006NFL Collector's ClubMattLeinart Arizona Cardinals Stats
2007NFL Legends 3EarlCampbell Houston OilersHeisman 1977, HOF 1991, CHOF 1990 Stats
2007NFL Legends 3DanMarino Miami DolphinsHOF 2005 Stats
2007Collectors Club 12"DorothyOz Twisted Land of Oz  
2007NFL 12" Series 4WalterPayton Chicago BearsHOF 1993 Stats
2007NFL Legends 3RogerStaubach Dallas CowboysHeisman 1963, HOF 1985 Stats
2007NFL Collector's EditionBrianUrlacher Chicago BearsHOF 2018 Stats
2007NFL Series 15VinceYoung Tennessee Titans PKG Stats
2008NFL QB 3 PackTomBrady New England Patriots Retro Stats
2008NFL Series 17BrettFavre Green Bay PackersHOF 2016 Stats
2008NFL Series 17WillieParker Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2008NFL 12" SeriesJerryRice San Francisco 49ersHOF 2010 Stats
2008NFL Series 20PhilipRivers San Diego Chargers Stats
2009College Series 1TomBrady Michigan Wolverines  Stats
2009Collectors ClubMrsClaus Fantasy (Blond)  
2009College Series 1RayLewis Miami Hurricanes HOF 2018 Stats
2009College Series 1PeytonManning Tennessee Volunteers HOF 2021 Stats
2009College Series 1AdrianPeterson Oklahoma Sooners  Stats
2009NFL Series 19ClintonPortis Washington Redskins Chase Stats
2009NFL Series 20TonyRomo Dallas Cowboys Stats
2009College Series 1JamarcusRussell LSU Tigers  Stats
2009College Series 1HinesWard Georgia Bulldogs  Stats
2009NFL 2 PackJasonWitten & Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys Stats
2009NFL Legends 5SteveYoung San Francisco 49ersHOF 2005 Stats
2010College Series 2MarionBarber Minnesota Golden Gophers Stats
2010NFL Elite SeriesTomBrady Variant New England Patriots Stats
2010College Series 2DrewBrees Purdue Boilermakers  Stats
2010College Series 2LarryFitzgerald Pittsburgh Panthers Stats
2010NFL Series 24ChrisJohnson Exclusive Houston Oilers Stats
2010College Series 2EliManning Ole Miss Rebels  Stats
2010NFL Series 23RashardMendenhall Pittsburgh Steelers Stats
2010College Series 2TonyRomo Eastern Illinois University Panthers  Stats
2010College Series 2MattRyan Boston College Eagles Stats
2010NFL Legends 6PhilSimms New York Giants Stats
2011NFL Series 27TomBrady 4 New England Patriots Stats
2011NFL Series 25BrettFavre Minnesota VikingsHOF 2016 Stats
2011NFL Series 27LarryFitzgerald Arizona Cardinals Stats
2011NFL Series 25PeytonManning Indianapolis ColtsHOF 2021 Stats
2011NFL 12" SeriesAdrianPeterson Minnesota Vikings Stats
2011College Series 3RayRice Rutgers Scarlet Knights Stats
2011College Series 3TimTebow Florida Gators Stats
2011NFL Series 26WesWelker New England Patriots Stats
2012College Series 4MarcusAllen USC TrojansHOF 2003 Stats
2012College Series 4CamNewton Auburn Tigers Stats
2012College Series 4RickyWilliams Texas LonghornsHeisman 1998 Stats
2014NFL SeriesJoeNamath New York JetsHOF 1985 Stats
2015NFL Series 37JameisWinston Tampa Bay BuccaneersHeisman 2013 Stats
2018Madden NFL 18 Series 1TomBrady New England Patriots  
2018Madden NFL 18 Series 1DavidJohnson Arizona Cardinals  
My Traded Sports Figure Collection (269 and growing)
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1997Series 2Earnhart JrDale NASCAR DriverBasement  
2001NFL Series 02BrunellMark Jacksonville Jaguars02  
2001NFL Series 02Brunell White VariantMark Jacksonville Jaguars25  
2001NFL Series 02ChrebetWayne New York Jets02  
2001NFL Series 02Chrebet Green VariantWayne New York Jets04  
2001NFL Series 02CulpepperDaunte Minnesota Vikings16  
2001NFL Series 02FaulkMarshall St Louis Rams03/19  
2001NFL Series 01GeorgeEddie Tennessee Titans11  
2001NFL Series 01George White VariantEddie Tennessee Titans  
2001NFL Series 02HarrisonMarvin Indianapolis Colts02  
2001NFL Series 02Harrison White VariantMarvin Indianapolis Colts  
2001NFL Series 01JamesEdgerrin Indianapolis Colts16  
2001NFL Series 01James Blue VariantEdgerrin Indianapolis Colts25  
2001NFL Series 01Moss CleanRandy Minnesota Vikings11  
2001NFL Series 01Moss White VariantRandy Minnesota Vikings20  
2001NFL Series 01SappWarren Tampa Bay Buccaneers16  
2001NFL Series 01Sapp White VariantWarren Tampa Bay Buccaneers16  
2001NFL Series 01SmithEmmitt Dallas Cowboys11  
2001NFL Series 02UrlacherBrian Chicago Bears02  
2001NFL Series 01WarnerKurt St Louis Rams14  
2001NFL Series 01Warner Blue VariantKurt St Louis Rams17  
2002MusicAliveKiss Boxed Set Stats
2002NFL Series 03BennetMichael Minnesota Vikings17  
2002NFL Series 05BettisJerome Pittsburgh Steelers14/18  
2002NFL Series 05Bettis White VariantJerome Pittsburgh Steelers14  
2002NFL Series 05BradyTom New England Patriots14/19  
2002NFL Series 05Brady Blue VariantTom New England Patriots20  
2002NFL Series 05DavisStephen Washington Redskins14  
2002NFL Series 05Davis 70th MaroonStephen Washington Redskins14  
2002NFL Series 04FavreBrett Green Bay Packers11  
2002NFL Series 04Favre Green White VariantBrett Green Bay Packers19  
2002NFL Series 04Favre White White VariantBrett Green Bay Packers20  
2002NFL Series 05GarciaJeff San Francisco 49ers14  
2002NFL Series 05Garcia Red VariantJeff San Francisco 49ers25  
2002NFL Series 05GonzalezTony Kansas City Chiefs14  
2002NFL Series 05Gonzalez White VariantTony Kansas City Chiefs20  
2002NFL Series 03JacksonJames Cleveland Browns04  
2002NFL Series 05LewisRay Baltimore RavensOffice  
2002NFL Series 05Lewis PurpleRay Baltimore Ravens18  
2002NFL Series 04ManningPeyton Indianapolis Colts11  
2002NFL Series 04Manning Blue VariantPeyton Indianapolis Colts11  
2002NFL Series 04MartinCurtis New York Jets11  
2002NFL Series 04Martin White VariantCurtis New York Jets16  
2002NFL Series 04McNabbDonavan Philadelphia Eagles11  
2002NFL Series 04McNabb White VariantDonavan Philadelphia Eagles25  
2002NFL Series 04OwensTerrel San Francisco 49ers11  
2002NFL Series 04Owens White VariantTerrel San Francisco 49ers14  
2002NHL 3 PackPack3 NHL Toronto Maple LeafsBasement  
2002NFL Series 05RiceJerry Oakland Raiders14  
2002NFL Series 05Rice VariantJerry San Francisco 49ers24  
2002NFL Series 04SehornJason New York Giants11  
2002NFL Series 04Sehorn Blue VariantJason New York Giants19  
2002NFL Series 05ThomasAnthony Chicago Bears14  
2002NFL Series 05Thomas White VariantAnthony Chicago Bears16  
2002NFL Series 03TomlinsonLaDainian San Diego Chargers16  
2002NFL Series 04VickMichael Atlanta Falcons11  
2002NFL Series 04Vick BlackMichael Atlanta Falcons18  
2002NFL Series 03WeinkeChris Carolina Panthers16  
2002NFL Series 04WilliamsRicky Miami Dolphins11  
2002NFL Series 04Williams VariantRicky New Orleans Saints19  
2003NFL Series 06AlexanderShaun Seattle Seahawks16  
2003NFL Series 06Alexander Blue PantsShaun Seattle Seahawks16  
2003NFL Series 06AlstottMike Tampa Bay Buccaneers15  
2003NFL Series 06Alstott White VariantMike Tampa Bay Buccaneers15  
2003SpawnAngelaRed Spawn31  
2003National ExclusiveBarberTiki New York GiantsBasement  
2003NFL Series 06BledsoeDrew Buffalo BillsOffice  
2003NFL Series 06Bledsoe White VariantDrew Buffalo Bills15  
2003NFL Series 07CarrDavid Houston TexansEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 07Carr Blue VarianDavid Houston Texans17  
2003SpawnCosmic AngelGreen Spawn31  
2003NFL Series 06DavisStephen Carolina Panthers19  
2003NFL Series 07FaulkMarshall Indianapolis Colts17  
2003NFL 12" Series 1FavreBrett Green Bay PackersBasement  
2003NFL Series 07FavreBrett Green Bay PackersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 06Favre VariantBrett Atlanta Falcons16  
2003NFL Series 07Favre White VariantBrett Green Bay Packers17  
2003NFL Series 06GannonRich Oakland RaidersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 06GannonRich Kansas City ChiefsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL 2 PackGannon vs Derrick BrooksRich Oakland Raiders/Tampa Bay BuccaneersOffice  
2003NFL HOF ExclusiveGreenWilliam Cleveland BrownsOffice  
2003NFL Series 06HarringtonJoey Detroit Lions15  
2003NFL Series 06Harrington White VariantJoey Detroit Lions15  
2003NFL Series 06HolmesPriest Kansas City Chiefs16  
2003NFL Series 06Holmes Red/Red VariantPriest Kansas City Chiefs20  
2003SpawnIssue Special50th Spawn31  
2003National ExclusiveMartinKenyon New Jersey NetsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 06McAllisterDuece New Orleans Saints15  
2003NFL Series 06McAllister Black VariantDuece New Orleans Saints15  
2003NHLPackThree Toronto Leaf31  
2003NFL Series 07PenningtonChad New York JetsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 07Pennington Green VariantChad New York Jets17  
2003NFL Series 07PeppersJulius Carolina Panthers27  
2003NFL Series 07Peppers White VariantJulius Carolina Panthers17  
2003NFL Series 07PortisClinton Denver BroncosEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 07Portis White VariantClinton Denver Broncos17  
2003NFL 12" Series 1RiceJerry Oakland RaidersBasement  
2003Super Bowl ExclusiveSeauJunior San Diego Chargers23  
2003NFL Series 07SehornJason St Louis Rams17  
2003NHL 2 PackShanahan vs. Rob BlakeBrendan Detroit Red Wings/Colorado AvalancheBasement  
2003NFL Series 07ShockeyJeremy New York GiantsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 07Shockey White VariantJeremy New York Giants17  
2003NFL 12" Series 1SmithEmmitt Dallas CowboysBasement  
2003NFL Series 06SmithEmmitt Dallas CowboysEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 06Smith (HOF)Emmitt Arizona CardinalsOffice  
2003NFL Series 06Smith Red GlovesEmmitt Arizona Cardinals15  
2003NFL Series 06Smith Red JerseyEmmitt Arizona CardinalsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003SpawnSpawn vs MalebogiaMedieval Spawn31  
2003Super Bowl ExclusiveTomlinsonLaDainian San Diego Chargers23  
2003NFL 12" Series 1VickMichael Atlanta FalconsBasement  
2003NFL Series 07VickMichael Atlanta Falcons22/28  
2003NFL Series 07Vick Red VariantMichael Atlanta Falcons17  
20032 Packvs BrooksGannon 2 PackEXTRA FOR TRADE 
20032 Packvs ThomasMcCafferty 2 PackEXTRA FOR TRADE 
20032 Packvs. UrlacherFavre 2 PackEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2003NFL Series 07WardHines Pittsburgh Steelers23/28  
2003NFL Series 07Ward White VariantHines Pittsburgh Steelers17  
2003NFL 12" Series 1WilliamsRicky Miami DolphinsBasement  
2004CC ExclusiveAnthonyCarmello Denver Nuggets32  
2004NFL Series 09BellKendrell Pittsburgh SteelersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09Bell White variantKendrell Pittsburgh Steelers  
2004NFL Series 08Bledsoe VariantDrew New England PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
20042 PackBrothersManning 2 Pack  
2004NFL Series 08BrownTim Oakland Raiders26  
2004NFL Series 08Brown White variantTim Oakland Raiders26  
2004Super Bowl ExclusiveCarr RedDavid Houston Texans17  
2004CC ClubClubCollectors Biker Chick Stats
2004NFL Series 09Culpepper 2Daunte Minnesota Vikings  
2004NFL Series 09Culpepper 2 White variantDaunte Minnesota Vikings  
2004NFL Series 10DelhommeJake Carolina Panthers25  
2004NFL Series 10Delhomme Blue VariantJake Carolina Panthers27  
2004MonstersFairy TalesTwisted Gretel Stats
2004MonstersFairy TalesTwisted Miss Muffett Stats
2004MonstersFairy TalesTwisted Little Red Riding Hood Stats
2004Super Bowl ExclusiveGeorgeEddie Houston Oilers17  
2004NFL Series 08GreenAhman Green Bay Packers26  
2004NFL Series 10GreenTrent Kansas City Chiefs27  
2004NFL Series 08Green White VariantAhman Green Bay PackersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 10Green White variantTrent Kansas City Chiefs20  
2004MusicHendrixJimi Woodstock Figure Stats
2004MusicHendrixJimi 3D Album Cover Stats
2004NFL 12" Series 2HolmesPriest Kansas City ChiefsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09Holmes 2Priest Kansas City ChiefsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09Holmes 2 White VariantPriest Kansas City Chiefs  
2004NFL Series 08HoltTorry St Louis Rams26  
2004NFL Series 08Holt Retro VariantTorry St Louis Rams26  
2004NFL Series 09JohnsonChad Cincinnati BengalsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09JohnsonChad Cincinnati BengalsOffice  
2004NFL Series 09Johnson Black VariantChad Cincinnati Bengals25  
2004NHL 12"LemieuxMario Pittsburgh PenguinsBasement  
2004NFL Series 08LewisJamal Baltimore Ravens26  
2004NFL Series 08Lewis White VariantJamal Baltimore Ravens26  
2004MusicLove GunKiss Boxed Set Stats
2004NFL Series 08ManningPeyton Indianapolis Colts26  
2004NFL 12" Series 2ManningPeyton Indianapolis Colts  
2004NFL Series 08Manning White VariantPeyton Indianapolis Colts26  
2004NFL 12" Series 2McNabbDonovan Philadelphia Eagles  
2004NFL Series 08McNairSteve Tennessee TitansEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL 12" Series 2McNairSteve Tennessee TitansEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 08McNair White VariantSteve Tennessee TitansEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL 12" Series 2MossRandy Minnesota Vikings  
2004NFL Series 10Moss 2Randy Minnesota VikingsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 10Moss 2 White variantRandy Minnesota Vikings25  
2004NFL Series 09OgdenJonathan Baltimore Ravens20  
2004NFL Series 10Owens 2Terrel Philadelphia EaglesEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 10Owens VariantTerrel San Francisco 49ersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09PlummerJake Denver BroncosEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09Plummer White variantJake Denver Broncos  
2004NFL Special EditionPortis Pro BowlClinton Denver BroncosEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL 2 PackPortis vs Ray LewisClinton Washington Redskins/Baltimore RavensOffice  
2004NFL 12" Collectors ClubRiceJerry San Francisco 49ers  
2004NFL Series 10SappWarren Oakland RaidersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NHL Series 08Sealed SetComplete NHL  
2004NFL Series 09SeauJunior Miami Dolphins24  
2004CC ExclusiveSharpeShannon Denver Broncos  
2004CC ExclusiveSharpe Orange CrushShannon Denver Broncos  
2004MusicSimmonsGene Kiss The Demon 12" Stats
2004NFL 2 PackStrahan vs Donovan McNabbMichael New York Giants/Philadelphia EaglesOffice  
2004NFL Series 10Tomlinson 2LaDainian San Diego Chargers27  
2004NFL Series 10Tomlinson 2 White variantLaDainian San Diego ChargersEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL 12" Series 2UrlacherBrian Chicago BearsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2004NFL Series 09Urlacher 2Brian Chicago BearsOffice  
2004NFL Series 09Urlacher 2 Black VariantBrian Chicago Bears25  
2004NFL Series 10VinatieriAdam New England PatriotsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
20042 Packvs LewisPortis 2 Pack  
20042 Packvs McNabbStrahan 2 Pack  
2004NFL Series 10WilliamsRoy Dallas Cowboys25/27  
2004NFL Series 10Williams 2Ricky Miami Dolphins27  
2004NFL Series 10Williams 2 Corrected MaskRicky Miami Dolphins32  
2004NFL Series 10Williams 2 Orange VariantRicky Miami Dolphins27  
2004NFL Series 10Williams Blue VariantRoy Dallas Cowboys20/24  
2005Military Series 1Accessory PackWeapons MilitaryOffice  
2005NFL Legends 1Aikman VariantTroy Dallas Cowboys Basement  
2005NFL Series 12ArringtonLavar Washington Redskins Stats
2005NFL 12" Series 3BettisJerome Pittsburgh Steelers  
2005NFL Series 12BreesDrew San Diego ChargersBasement  
2005Military Series 1Corps ReconMarine Marine CorpsOffice  
2005Military Series 1Corps Recon SniperMarine Marine CorpsOffice  
2005Military Series 1Desert InfantryArmy ArmyOffice  
2005Military Series 1Desert Infantry Boxed SetArmy ArmyOffice  
2005NFL Series 12DillonCorey New England PatriotsBasement  
2005MLB Cooperstown 4DiMaggio (HOF)Joe MLB New York YankeesOffice  
2005NFL Legends 1Elway (HOF)John Denver BroncosBasement  
2005Military Series 2 RedeployedGrenade Launcher Box SetMK19 ArmyNoah Room  
2005NFL Legends 1HarrisFranco Pittsburgh SteelersBasement  
2005Military Series 2InfantryMarine Marine CorpsOffice  
2005Super Bowl ExclusiveLeftwichBryon Jacksonville JaguarsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2005Super Bowl ExclusiveLeftwich/Fred TaylorByron Jacksonville Jaguars  
2005NFL Series 12MawaeKevin New York JetsOffice  
2005NFL Series 11MossRandy Oakland Raiders Stats
2005NFL Series 11MossRandy Oakland RaidersOffice  
2005NFL Series 11MossRandy Oakland Raiders Stats
2005NFL 12" Series 3OwensTerrel Philadelphia Eagles  
2005Military Series 2ParatrooperArmy ArmyOffice  
2005Military Series 2RadiomanMarine Marine CorpsOffice  
2005Military Series 1RangerArmy ArmyOffice  
2005NFL Legends 1SandersBarry Detroit LionsBasement  
2005NFL ExclusiveSandersDeion Dallas CowboysOffice  
2005CC ExclusiveSandersDeion Atlanta Falcons18  
2005CC ExclusiveSandersDeion Baltimore Ravens18  
2005NFL 2 PackSanders vs Jerry RiceDeion Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ersBasement  
2005NFL 2 PackSanders vs Jerry RiceDeion Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ersBasement  
2005NFL 2 PackSanders vs Jerry RiceDeion Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ersBasement  
2005Military Series 1SealNavy NavyOffice  
2005NBA CC ExclusiveSprewellLatrell Minnesota Timberwolves Stats
2005Super Bowl ExclusiveTaylorFred Jacksonville JaguarsEXTRA FOR TRADE 
2005NFL 12" Series 3TomlinsonLaDainian San Diego Chargers VariantOffice  
2005NFL Legends 1Unitas (HOF)Johnny Baltimore ColtsOffice  
2005NBA Legends 1Walton (HOF)Bill NBA Portland TrailblazersBasement  
2005MLB Cooperstown 4Williams (HOF)Ted Boston Red Sox Office  
2006Military Series 4Field MedicNavy NavyOffice  
2006Military Series 3Force Security Force K9Air Air ForceOffice  
2006Military Series 3Helicopter Crew ChiefArmy ArmyOffice  
2007NFL Series 15BensonCedric Chicago BearsOffice  
2007NFL Legends 2Brown (HOF)Jim Cleveland BrownsBasement  
2007NFL Legends 2GreeneMean~Joe Pittsburgh Steelers  
2007NFL Legends 3JacksonBo Los Angeles Raiders Basement  
2007NFL Legends 2LottRonnie San Francisco 49ers  
2007NFL Legends 2Lott VariantRonnie Oakland Raiders  
2007NFL Legends 2MontanaJoe San Francisco 49ers  
2007NFL Legends 2Nitschke (HOF)Ray Green Bay Packers Office  
2007NFL Legends 2PaytonWalter Chicago Bears  
2007NFL 12" SeriesPayton VariantWalter Chicago Bears  
2007NFL Legends 2Payton White VariantWalter Chicago Bears  
2007NFL Legends 2TaylorLawrence New York Giants  
2007NFL Series 15WestbrookBrian Philadelphia EaglesOffice  
2007NFL Legends 3White (HOF)Reggie Philadelphia EaglesBasement  
2008NFL Legends 4Lambert (HOF)Jack Pittsburgh SteelersOffice  
2008NFL Series 17MossRandy New England Patriots Office  
2008NFL Legends 4Tarkenton (HOF)Fran Minnesota Vikings Basement  
2009College Series 1ManningPeyton Tennessee VolunteersBasement  
2009College Series 1PetersonAdrian Oklahoma SoonersBasement  
2009NFL Series 20Turner VariantMichael Atlanta FalconsBasement  
2009College Series 1Ward White VariantHines Georgia BulldogsBasement  
2010NFL Legends 6Butkus (HOF)Dick Chicago Bears Basement  
2010NFL Series 24Jackson VariantDeSean Philadelphia EaglesBasement  
2010NFL Legends 6Riggins (HOF)John New York JetsBasement  
2010NFL Legends 6Riggins (HOF)John New York JetsBasement  
2010NFL Series 22RyanMatt Atlanta FalconsBasement  
2010College Series 2WittenJason Tennessee VolunteersBasement  
2011NFL Series 26BettisJerome Los Angeles RamsOffice  
2011NFL Series 26Bradshaw (HOF)Terry Pittsburgh SteelersBasement  
2011NFL Series 27DickersonEric Los Angeles RamsBasement  
2011NFL Series 28JohnsonAndre Houston TexansOffice  
2012Series 31CruzVictor New York GiantsOffice  
2012Series 31Griffin IIIRobert Washington RedskinsOffice  
2013NFL Series 33WilsonRussell Seattle SeahawksOffice  
2017Madden NFL 17 Series 3BryantDez Dallas CowboysOffice  
2018Madden 19GronkowskiRob New England PatriotsOffice  

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