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Welcome to my collection.  I collect pretty much everything football, I especially love collecting football helmets, autographed cards, and Superbowl items.  You can check out my collection by clicking on the links below, if you have any comments or suggestions e-mail me at

My Helmet Collection - Mini, Authentic, Game Used, and Autographed Helmets
My Autograph Collections - Everything Autographed
   Autographed Cards - Autographed Cards obtained through the mail, packs and auctions
     Hall of Famer Cards - Autographed Cards of Hall of Famers
     Rookie Cards - Autographed Rookie Cards
     Heisman Cards - Autographed Cards of Heisman Trophy WInners
     College Hall of Famer Cards - Autographed Cards of College Hall of Famers
   Autographed 3x5 Index Cards - Autographed Index Cards obtained through the mail and auctions
   Pro Football Hall of Fame Autographs - The items I have signed by HOFers
   Autographed Helmets - Game Used, Authentic and Mini Autographed Helmets
   Miscellaneous Autographs - The odd things I have gotten autographed
My Game Used Cards - Game used jerseys to footballs
My Photo Collection - Autographed photos
My Oddball Collection - Different Autographed Oddball things
My Card Collection - Mostly Football from 1956 to Today
My Super Bowl Collection - Tickets, Programs, Cushions and much more
My Programs and Magazine - Game Programs, Guides and Price Guides
My Sport FiguresMcFarlanes, Starting Lineups and Head Liners
My Comics - A Small Collection of Comics
Explore My Collection Search by Set or See My Wantlist - The Cards I Need to Finish My Sets
Cards for Trade - The Cards Up For Trade
Items Traded - The Stuff I have Traded to Other Collectors
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